Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1 - Letter

Today has been a sad day. Elder Bornes went home. 2 hours ago the Zone Leaders picked him up from our house and took him to the airport. The thing we're confused about is he acted fine around us and was happy and working. We lost one today. 
Now me and Elder Coon and Elder Quick will be in a trio, and as sad as it is Elder Bornes is leaving, it's going to be a fun trio :) 

Yesterday we had a Multi-Zone Conference in Franklin. It lasted from 9-4, we got a lunch break though and they fed us, but by the end of it my companion was sweating drops. Marcus B. Nash of the Quorum of the Seventy came and talked to us. It was fun and we learned A LOT. Sister Cleveland, President Cleveland, Sister Nash and Elder Nash all talked. 
Sister Cleveland talked about Always being Happy. She related it too how much she loves signs, she'll go to stores and look for signs and buy them. One of the signs hanging in President Cleveland's room is "Attitude is everything, so pick a good one" another one is "If you're waiting for a sign, here it is" she gave a really good talk. 
President Cleveland talked about this, you know this was my favorite talk. He talked about MAKING IT A GAME. He told a story about a time he was in the Marriott Center and they were playing Utah in 2001. They were down 22 and they were going into the locker room and people were throwing things at President Cleveland and yelling things at him, he said "good things because we were in the Marriott Center":) he went into the locker room with his team and all the players were mad and upset and walking around and he just sat there in silence. They didn't know how they were losing because they were a better team then Utah and they were supposed to beat them by a lot.
President Cleveland said to his team "Patience, you guys came out too excited and wanted to just beat them bad, and you didn't play the way we normally play. I have a plan and it'll work. We're gonna break this game into 5 different games of 4 minutes. Every 4 minutes there is a t.v timeout in College Basketball. He says by the 16 minute mark we need the game to be a 16 point difference. And by the 16 minute mark they did cut it to that. The next 4 minutes we need to cut the difference to 10 points. And they did that. At the 12 minute mark it was only a 10 point game. By the 8 minute mark we need to have it to a 4 point game. And they did. With 4 minutes left they're only down by 4. They win the game on a last second shot and win by 1. He says "Take a timeout! If your day is not going good, go to your house and take a time out. Go in make it a game. Break it down into 5 different games. 1 game maybe you pass out 20 pass along cards. Another game you say, we're gonna find 1 investigator in 10 minutes. Do things like that." I loved it I was just soaking it up. It's so funny he gets into Coach Mode when he's talking to us, he'll yell for 30 seconds, almost like it's a timeout. And then he'll calm down again and he always walks around and paces back and forth and points his finger like he's still a coach. I love it. 
After that Sister Nash gave a talk on being obedient. And how it's the Lord's time. How the whole mission has to have an exact obedience. 
Elder Nash gave one of the best talks I've ever heard. I wrote down 4 pages of notes. I learned so much. He talked about everything. Everything he talked about was what everyone needed to hear. Even President Cleveland said when Elder Nash flew in and got to my house on Saturday night and we had a meeting, everything he brought into the meeting was to help our weaknesses as a mission. He told us how we can teach with power. 

He told us of recent stories where he was in Florida and they were driving down this dirt road to this trailer house of this less active family. He and the Stake President were in the car. He knocked on the door and a woman answered and it looked like she didn't want to talk to them. She was shocked. He was warm with her and she warmed up and said my husband will be here in a few minutes. A couple minutes later here husband pulled up in a golf cart. Elder Nash does not know why he did this, but he walked to the mans golfcart and soon enough he was at the golfcart and he usually never does this but he hugged the man and told him "our church needs you, and frankly you need our church" He told us how to help people that are offended of something that happened with them and the church. He said, I was talking to this lady that this happened too and me and a Stake President went to her house. After a while of talking I said "You know who I am, a General Authority" she said "yes" he said "as an Authorized representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I am sorry on behalf of the church." the woman accepted his apology and came back to church. He told us "you guys are Authorized as a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and can say that same thing to people" at the end of the meeting we sang "Army of Helaman" and Sister Cleveland was crying and it almost made Elder Quick cry. 
I'm so excited to work this week and I love of all of you and miss you guys so much!

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