Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21 - Letter

This week was so fun. I read the Book of Mormon in a week! Me and Quick made a deal to both read it in a week. It was the first time I've read it and it's the most I've ever gotten out of it and comprehended it. It is the only perfect book on earth. And now I have a testimony of it! It is the most truthful, most helpful, book on earth. If you read 60 pages a day, you can finish it in a week, so we did! And tonight we're starting Doctrine and Covenants.
 Our heater broke this week, and it was freezing, but guess what I had? Hot packs! I slept with them on my feet and chest. 

On monday, we had P-day, we helped this guy, he's a member but he's from Kentucky, he knows Hayden Grant because that's where Hayden went on his mission, he needed our help so bad to help move is Sister into a house by where we live. We aren't supposed to help move on P-day but we did, and it took up a lot of time out of our day and we got there at 9, that was the time he told us too, but the place didn't open till 10, and so we had to wait with him, they finally let us in and they had heavy furniture and there was no way they would have been able to carry, the guy said he prayed for help and we were an answer to his prayer. We did it all in two hours! He wanted to take us to lunch but we didn't have time so he gave us 30 bucks to go by lunch. After that we went to Bloomington, went to the mall, went to get our seatbelt fixed in our car for the second week, they couldn't do it so now we have to go there again today but it's ok we just take all there free nutri grain bars and health bars and eat them. Then we came home and did laundry! It was the last night Quick was sleeping in our room. 

Tuesdayon Tuesday we went up to Fishers to Transfer meeting, we got Quick's new companion, got to hang out with everybody, and listen to President, it was a good day! On our way home from Fishers we got a text that Laura England, a member in our ward, needed a baby blessing on her little baby because he was having respiratory problems and so we went there! After we gave her baby a blessing we went to the Stumpfs for dinner. 

On Wednesday we had a Ward Social, and what we did was make Fruit baskets for the investigators we had and less active and the needy. They were big baskets filled with oranges bananas grapefruit, ooh I wanted one so bad. We delivered those to Tracy(Navy Seal guy who has depression) and that made him happy. Mike Fish(Miracle we found, who knows everything about our church and believes in it and has seen how it helped his friends life) and Charlie. 

On Thursday we met this girl, we call her the 7th day Evangelicle, she doesn't go to church on sunday because they keep the day Holy, so they go on saturday

On Friday we had District meeting, we have the best district in the whole mission it's so fun. It's me, Elder Coon, Elder Freeman, Elder Weitzel, Elder Moli, Elder Lorshe, Elder Quick, Elder Palmer. Elder Freeman-played football at Logan, Elder Weitzel-Portland Oregon, Elder Moli-Poly from Oakland, him and Pookie Maka's family are really good friends, Elder Lorshe-Mesa,Arizona. Elder Quick, Elder Palmer is from Riverton Utah. So after district meeting we went to Steak and Shake, then we went and saw some Potential Investigators and went tracting. On tuesday, something I forgot is we gave a Church tour to Charlie, Charlie is a guy with a wife and two kids, he drinks A LOT of beer and smokes A LOT of cigarettes, he's a chain smoker, he actually offered us a beer one time, Coon said "No i'm driving" so he asked me and we just kept saying no. Anyways we gave him the Church tour and then he wanted a video about Joseph Smith so we gave him a Restoration Video and he watched and when we saw him yesterday he said he watched the video and said he's been thinking a lot about baptism, and said "i'm kind of like Joseph Smith, trying to find out what's true" and he wants to be Baptized in a creek in the woods! So we might baptize him in a creek in freezing cold water! 

SaturdaySaturdaywe had ward correlation meeting and after that we went to Sister banks farm, fed the animals and then went and got dressed. We went out tracting and seeing investigators and we put 2 people on Baptismal date. Anna- She lives in a homeless shelter and Tim- Country drummer. We also had a good lesson with a guy named Jeremiah Cash and his familyOn Saturday night we were driving and saw this real live Nativity set with real animals haha so we took pictures, they're on Elder Palmers camera I'll send them to you when I get them

Yesterday we went to church, came home went out to see Potential investigators and then at 5 we went to Bloomington to "Why I believe". Why I Believe is where all of the recent converts give there testimony and their experience when they found out about the church and why they believe in it. After that we went to Downtown and walked around and took pictures. We slept over in Bloomington with Weitzel Freeman Lorshe and Moli, because we were gonna be coming back to Bloomington in the morning. We watched Saratov Approach on a 70 inch t.v and then we went to bed and me and Freeman slept together haha. 

Update on 57 Miracles in 57 Days, we are at 48 baptisms with 13 on date and scheduled for this upcoming week.

That was our week and this week will be even more fun because I get to skype you guys on Friday! I love you guys!

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