Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28 - Letter

Guess what happened a couple days ago, So I was feeling homesick and missing you guys a lot and we went to this guys house and in the middle of the lesson I look at my shoulder and see a bed bug on my shoulder, I look at my other shoulder and see another bed bug, I look at Coon and he has one crawling on his pants and 3 on his chair, I look at my lap and a huge black one is crawling on my lap. We got out of the house and I said "We're covered in bed bugs" and Elder Coon didn't believe me, he didn't see any and they were everywhere! So we get out, I call Sister Griesemer, she didn't answer for 4 hours, so we go to Mcdonalds to pass time and on the way back we see a bed bug shell on Coons pants, so everyone freaked out and wouldn't walk next to Elder Coon and we got back to the house and had to do the most illegal thing, we got bare naked outside, threw all our clothes in a trash bag and ran in and got in the hot shower to kill the bed bugs, after that we went to the laundromat and threw all the clothes from the trash bag in the dryer and turned it on hot and now I think all the bed bugs are gone
So I probably get the most homesick out of all the Elders, because I have the best family:) but they cry when they skype and I'm just happy as can be. You think it'd be the other way around. But whenever I feel homesick I just read my patriarchal blessing and I think about you guys. I started crying a little bit yesterday but then I just tell myself The work is not over yet and I will see them before I know it :) So yesterday we went to church, came home and I was laying on the couch and a thought came into my head that I should go on exchanges with Elder Quick to his area. I started to feel a lot better as we started tracting and teaching the gospel and finding people. We went to Aaron Williams and it was the last house we went to. He lives in a Apartment home and we have to hit an intercom that goes to his room and he has to unlock this door to let us in, he answered and said "Who is it"? we said "The Elders" he said "Im depressed and I dont think I can have company" and Elder Quick said "I think we can help Aaron" so Aaron let us in. He is really depressed and we were trying to uplift him and I got inspiration and a prompting to just get up and hug him, so I did, I grabbed him, patted his back and he said "I needed that" and brightened right up. We left and he was real happy. Quick says it was inspiration for me to go with him to his area

Yesterday when me and Elder Quick were on exchanges we went to a block in his area that he wasn't planning on going to but we did and we found a lady smoking on her porch and she told us she wanted to quit smoking and she let us in her house and we met her husband who has had cancer twice and we prayed with them and taught them about the Restoration and she had tears in her eyes. I will e-mail you guys on thursday!:)

Deja Vu:
I had Deja Vu about the bed bugs and i'm having it right now that I would be at the church e-mailing you and tearing up! 

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