Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11 - Letter & Pictures

So last Monday we went to Terre Haute. It's about an hour away from Bloomington and the ballers, the people that like to play basketball :) So the people in our District went and we played basketball all day with the Elders in Terre Haute. It was fun. We all went in the Minivan that the Zone Leaders drive and went down there it was fun :)

On Tuesday we went on exchanges, so I took Elder Palmer and this is the day we saw the miracle. I told dad about it but what happened was me and Elder Palmer were walking down a street called Columbus street, and Columbus street was one of the streets that me and Elder Coon prayed about and thought we should tract. So as we're tracting I see a lady walking towards us, black sunglasses, short hair, and a black coat and I say Hi and ask her if we can walk and talk with her. So we're walking and i got a background on what religion she was, and she grew up and was raised Catholic, and then she told me she doesn't live in Martinsville, the reason she was here was to teach a school program at the school down the street, and then she tells me that the only reason she walked down this street is because she was waiting for the buses to clear out before she could get her car out. So I was prompted to teach her Plan of Salvation, as I'm teaching her I'm asking her if it's making sense and she said "Yes this all makes logical sense" and then we come up to the corner where she can either go back to the school and she says "I wanna keep walking i'm interested" and I teach her some more and she said "You are a well spoken person" that's what she kept saying. I know it wasn't me doing the talking, it was the spirit :) and I asked her if we could get her number to keep in contact and she wouldn't, but she has our number and she lives in Indianapolis but she says she comes to Martinsville a lot.

On Wednesday we went to the Temple! Brother Briles picked us up at 7 in the morning and we went there and went through an endowment. It's a pretty Temple. Listen to this, so the Temple was a little bit confused and they never took my card for the person I was going through for, and I had it in my pocket and forgot to give it back so within 30 minutes we were on our way home and Sister Anderson called an told us one of us accidentally walked out with it, and we couldn't take it back because we were in a hurry to be to Interviews with President, so I gave it to Brother Briles and someone in our ward is taking it to the Temple :) Once we got home we hustled up to Bloomington, In my Interview with President Cleveland, it was a surreal moment. I was sitting there thinking "I used to watch this guy coach basketball when I was a kid, and now i'm on a mission, sitting here talking to him and he's my Mission President. After the Interviews we went straight to a China Buffet for dinner that a member paid for! After that me and Elder Coon had another dinner with a less-active family and we had a good dinner. She cooked us chicken and squash and zucchini. We had a good dinner with them and it was a good night.  

On Thursday, when I got the stuff you sent me, I cried, and it's all hanging up in my room and I'm so glad to get the 20 dollars you and Grandpa sent me and the Pull up bar is perfect. We went to the Farm after that and then we went and saw some people! At night we went and had dinner again with a member at the China Buffet. -Thursday night we went to the Potters, we had tacos and we had a game night. I showed them our game, the game we always play the couch game, and they loved it!-

On Friday we went to Bloomington and we had Zone meeting and at lunch Elder Coon's grandpa took us to lunch! It was a good Zone Meeting we talked about ways we can become more effective and get investigators to church, and become even better missionaries. After that we came back to Martinsville and visited some more people.  

On Saturday, we had Correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and then we went to the Farm. We had a good day visiting more invstigators. Sunday, so Saturday it rained all day and right after it rained it snowed in the middle of the night. So it made it snowy and icy, and church was cancelled! So we were trying to figure out what we were going to do that day and us 4 were just sitting there and they were dreading going out in the snow, and they were trying to find a member to take us around and finally I said "I'm on a mission, lets go out, if you don't want to come I'm going alone" haha so I started getting ready and we went out. I felt like we should just go out and find people.

So we go to a lady named Linda Thacker and she didn't answer, and it would have been smarter to call her before we walked over there, but it lead to a miracle. There is this old folks home that we've thought about going to, but we never have. And I said "Let's go to this Old Folks home." We went and asked if there was anything we could help them with and they loved us. The managers said "Oh i'm so happy you guys came" and we told them we could share a message about Jesus Christ and they said "Yes that's perfect" and the manager said that she normally does a church for them but today she was late and couldn't do it so it was a miracle that we went there. All this people are just gathered in this dining room and we just go around teaching. And the manager says "I'll get you some Hot chocolate" so we say ok and she brings it to us and we drink it and it's Coffee and me and Elder Coon just look at each other and laugh and we go around teaching some more and left the cups and never touched them again. Right before we're about to leave I'm teaching this group of 4 ladies about the Restoration. 1 of them raises her hand, she could only whisper and could barely move and said "I've been bad all my life" and I said "God loves you and you can repent and he'll forget about it" and she said "How can I be baptized" and I told her and now she is on date to be baptized on February 6th. We have 4 people on date to be baptized. The managers told us we can go back anytime and teach and we can come on Sundays and have church.

After we left we started walking over to these houses I wanted to tract and on our way we met a teenager that was shoveling and he is prepared. He is one of the elect. After that we went and shoveled an Elderly ladies driveway and taught her. After that we went home and ate some hamburgers and then we went out. The 1st person we went to was Mike Taylor, we taught a very spiritual powerful lesson to him. After that we went to see Tory Tumie, the lady whose house caught on fire and we taught her, this is the miraculous thing. 3 days before the fire happened, Elder Weitzel, took us to her house, because he knew her from a while back when he was in Martinsville. So me and Elder Coon kept trying by and her house got on fire. She told us she was praying for a better year and guidance in her life and she said she might have prayed for a fresh start. The day after her house burned down, me and Elder Coon were at her house. I gave her a CTR ring, the ones you sent me. And we had a good lesson with her. After that we went to Jeremiah Cash' house and talked to him and his wife. We had a very good lesson and answered every single one of their questions, one of them was if it ever talks about Joseph Smith in the Bible and Elder Coon showed her Ezekiel 37:16-17 where it talks about the stick of Joseph and that Lehi was a descendant of Joseph. She had tears in her eyes and Elder Coon even got emotional. After that we went to a lady named Cindy, she also told us she's been praying about a church and I told her I don't think it's coincidence that we met you. After that we went to Ace, the rapper and taught a lesson to him and his family. It was a very good day and week :) I love you guys!

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