Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21 - Letter

Monday - So on Monday we went to the park and threw a Rugby ball around and that was fun. It's starting to get nice here! We were with Ben Richhart who is a returned missionary, he went to St. George Utah and he was with us all day. He's in our ward. We went to go talk to Tori with him, the lady that cuts hair and is a recent convert but she wasn't at her salon. We went to go talk to her and give her the new member lessons with Ben because he is her home teacher and she has a lot of questions and confusion and is less active. The missionaries that baptized her didn't teach her Word of Wisdom very well and she thought that she couldn't drink soda and she thought caffeine was the reason we don't drink coffee. But she wasn't there so we didn't teach her, so Instead we went to JC Penney and looked around. After that we went to a empty silo and took pictures by it and then we went to a workout park! It's a park right in the middle of the city and I worked out on it. Then we went to Mila's and authentic mexican place and Ben paid for all of us and we talked to him about his missionary experiences. After that we drove back to Bremen and the Culver Elders stayed the night with us.
Tuesday - Tuesday we woke up and got ready and went at 9 in the morning to go do service at a members house, they're less active and we went and helped them clean up their yard. It was a beautiful bright sunny morning and perfect temperature. They live in Lakeville which is just 10 minutes away from Bremen. After that we went to a ladies house, a referral they gave us and we offered service to her. She just had surgery, and had nothing for us to do so we taught her a lesson. We taught her the Restoration and committed her to Baptism! She said she wants to be baptized but we think we might need to ask her again when she's not on pain pills to make sure she's accountable. She then gave us a referral for her uncle who has congestive heart failure and said we could do service for him! We went to his house, he can barely move his arm, and we talked to him. He liked us. A lot of people go to his house and try and do work for him and want money and she told us to make it very clear that we're free and it's service so we did and we had a good talk with him and then found out he knows someone in our ward very well (Brother Timm). It was a great day. We then went and changed into our nice clothes and went to Argos, a small farmtown 15 minutes away, and we went there to have dinner with the Hindsdales, who are members. It was great. We then drove back to Bremen and went to Sister Padilla's to check on their family. After that we went to Marty Yeagers house and talked to him a lot. He is an investigator and we had a good discussion with him, all 4 of us did, Me Elder Morgan Elder Eschler and Elder Benson. The Culver Elders stayed with us again that night. 
Wednesday - Wednesday we woke up, got ready and went and through the Rugby ball some more in the field across from our apartment while we were waiting for Brother Harrington to pick us up. He picked us up and we dropped the Culver Elders off at their car in Plymouth and then we went with Brother Harrington to go track down some less active, in-active people that they haven't seen in years. It's on a home teaching list that got thrown together of people that live all over these 5 counties we cover. This is what our day consisted of, Hunting. I felt like the FBI trying to find people, that's how hard we were looking for them. We'd knock on a door and if they didn't answer Brother Harrington would walk in there house with me and he'd yell "Anybody home?! Anybody home?!" It was fun. And then we'd go to there neighbors and say "When was the last time you saw this person?" and then we went to the Town Hall and got information and we went into gas stations where this person was last seen by Elder Eschler and Brother Bollman and we'd ask if they worked there. And we went to this Old Folks Home to try and find this person and called people to find out and called people in other wards, a lady in Warsaw that we were told knew information about this person we were looking for. IT WAS FUN! He has this big truck and we just and we just drove all day and tried finding people and he bought us lunch and he called it "Real missionary work" At 3 he dropped us off and we went out to Tippecanoe (a town) to go have dinner with members. It was fun and the members names are the Furnivalls and they are so nice. After we had dinner with them we drove back to the church and had correlation meeting with Brother Bollman the ward missionary leader, and then we went back to Culver and stayed the night so that Brother Harrington could pick us up and we could go find some people again. We were with him all day and it was fun. We went to places like Bass Lake, Walkerton, North Judson, Winamac, Knox, if you want to look up where they are and what they look like. While we were out with him we stopped at this Tackle and Bait Fish shop and got drinks and we got talking to this guy, he is paralyzed, he was a paratrooper and Brother Harrington had never met him before but they both grew up in North Dakota and had similar families and this guy lived in Mesa Arizona and has a lot of Mormon friends and he said "They've been trying to convert me since 1997, and they can't" but we're going to :) 
Thursday - We were with Brother Harrington all day and then he dropped us off at our Ward mission leaders house(Brother Bollman) for dinner and then Brother Harrington picked us back up and took us to Bremen. We stayed the night in Bremen.
Friday - Friday we woke up got ready and went to District Meeting. We had a great District meeting and then we went to lunch. After lunch we went and helped Dale Hartman on his farm and we did service for him, splitting wood and cleaning up his farm. He is a recent convert. Friday night we went back to Culver and a small miracle happened, so we missed the dinner we were planned to have with Sister Flory(a member) but we couldn't go since we were doing service but as we were driving back to Culver, we got gatorades and an investigator that Culver has, she goes to Culver Academy and is 17, she calls and said "I made food but I have a lot more, do you guys want it" so she gave us Spaghetti squash and then insisted that she bought us pizza too so we went to this Pizza Place on the lake called Papa's and we went and had pizza and watched a little bit of March Madness :) We then stayed the night in Culver so we could ride with them in the morning to the church for splits and save miles.
Saturday - Saturday we went out all day with Brother Richhart Senior, who coached Byu when they won the Holiday Bowl and we had a succesful day seeing people with him. We went to his house and he fed us a big lunch. Saturday night we said "What is something we always want to do but never have time to do" so we went to the park with the Rugby ball and it was a warm night and threw it around and took pictures and then walked around Plymouth and went to a mexican store. If you don't have anything planned to do, we are supposed to walk around at a store, or even a neighborhood and we call it just being seen. So that's kinda what we did Saturday night. We then drove back to Culver and slept there again so we could wake up and drive to church with them.
Sunday - We went to church and had correlation meeting. After all that we went to try and see some investigators but they weren't home. We had dinner with Sister Padilla so we all drove to Bremen and had dinner at her house. After dinner we drove back to Culver, on the drive back I hit a raccoon and a possum within 10 seconds, both darted out in the road and it was a huge raccoon. It was a blessing we were driving the Jeep because the Culver Elders car is lower to the ground. That was my week :) I love you guys so much! 

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