Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7 - Letter

I am loving it here in Bremen! I love Plymouth and Culver as well!

Monday - On Monday we spent some time in Plymouth as a district for Preparation day. It was a nice day so we went to the park and threw the football! I haven't done that in a while and that was fun! We mostly just relaxed and e-mailed and went shopping for food at Wal-Mart.

Tuesday - On Tuesday we woke up, we had a Conference Call, it's always fun to listen to President Cleveland. He reads the Book of Mormon with us, our whole mission and announces anything we need to know. We then went to go do Family History at the Bremen Library. After Family History we had lunch. After lunch, we were about to go out and see a lot of people and we had a great day planned, but Elder Scoville was starting to get sick. He was coughing and we had just been with Laken a few days before who had pneomonia and on Tuesday it was snowing outside so Elder Scoville had to stay inside. I told him if he could work, we needed to but if he can't then he can rest and he needed rest he said. We stayed inside ALL DAY on Tuesday and read the Book of Mormon, we read Alma Chapters 17 through 26, it talks about Ammon and we got familiarized so that we can teach a Member lesson called "Like Unto Ammon" to get the Members doing missionary work.

Wednesday - On Wednesday we went to the museum in Plymouth and did service. This time we wiped down the walls that were dirty and mopped the entrance floor. The lady that worked there said "Your moms would be proud!" Haha. After we did service there we had lunch and went and saw Melody. Melody is about 60 and she goes to another church called Plymouth Wesleyan Church. We had a great lesson with her, we always show her Mormon messages and teach her. After that we tracted and got some work done. That night we drove back to Bremen, the Sisters came with us to meet some investigators, Sabina and David, so we could go with them to an Agape Feast. I guess Agape means "love" and they go to this church called "The First Church of the Brethren". There soup was good, they didn't go wrong in there cooking, they're church just went wrong haha. They had a soup feast and they made me Cream of Broccoli soup and then they had all other kinds of soup other people, it was good to be there and talk to people and tell them we're Mormon missionaries and the people were nice and David and Sabina are nice. David actually set us up to be able to go play "Barn Ball" with the Amish. So me and my new companion will probably go play basketball with the Amish in one of there barns so I'll keep you updated on that! I'm learning a lot of things about the Amish, they cheat! There is this thing called "Haul an Amish" around an the Amish pay people to drive them in cars! They also use vacuum sweepers, the Ward mission leader had sold them a lot of vacuum sweepers. They use generators instead of electricity and I see them shopping. They use telephones, that's how I'm gonna be able to get a hold of this Amish guy to play basketball, his name is Tobias Yoder. They have lights on the back of there buggies. Oh man they cheat haha.

Thursday - On Thursday it was snowing, we went out to this place called Lake of the Woods, it's about 5-7 minutes away from Bremen and there's a lot of Lake Houses there. We got a lot of work done there. We knocked the doors and tracted a part of it, we talked to a catholic man named Adan and offered to shovel is driveway. He didn't want to change, the Catholic are hard to change even if they know are church is true and I'll tell you more things that you'll think are interesting in a minute. But we left him with a Restoration pamphlet. He asked us if we belong to the Pope and we said "No Thomas S. Monson is our prophet". We kept tracting and met a lady named Barbara and taught her the Restoration and had a good lesson with her. We then talked to a man named Robert. Robert lives on a street called "O" wee bit of Holland. He lives in an all blue house and he has a "man cave" garage that's all blue. We knocked on his door, he came to the door, we taught him the Restoration, we had a lot of very good Restoration lessons with people, he told us his Brother in law and sister are Mormon and they live in St. George. We offered to do service for him whenever he needs it and he said he will in the spring. We offered him a Book of Mormon and he said "Well, I'm Catholic" so next time we go back we'll be sure to get a Book of Mormon in his hands because he's not gonna be catholic for long :) After we talked to him we were walking down the road and a lady was walking her dog and getting mail out of her mailbox, we caught up to her and we talked to her and had a Restoration lesson with her, she said she's catholic and even if she knew our church was true, she wouldn't convert because she was born catholic and her whole family is catholic. We gave her a Restoration pamphlet. We then knocked on a door, she tols us to go to. The guy couldn't talk though he was babysitting a lot of kids. We started knocking these apartment complexes and a small miracle happened. One of those timing things. As we were knocking, these two guys came walking down the stairs. I waved to them and said "How's it going?" One of them said "Are you Mormons?" we said Yes and started walking over to them. 1 of them was the landlord of the complex and the other was looking for an apartment. The one looking for an apartment said he's seen us a lot, he lived in Kentucky and would always see missionaries walking around in suits. The landlord kept saying we gotta go we're in the middle of a work day and I offered him a card, he said No it's alright but the other guy said "I'll take one" and we gave him one and he has our number. The landlord did tell us about a family that just moved into his apartment complex so we went and knocked on her door. Her name is Stephanie and we taught her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. We then went back to Bremen and started tracting the main road in Bremen. I have to go I will tell you about Friday Saturday and Sunday next Monday. I love you guys so much and miss you so much!

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