Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31 - Letter

Monday - Monday was a lot of fun. We went to lunch at the mall in Southbend and then we met up at the South Bend Stake Center. We piled in the Zone Leader Minivan they just got and drove to Lake Michigan! It is sweet up there. After we hung out there for a bit, we got some gatorades from the gas station and drove back to South Bend. We then went to Culver to stay the night with the Culver Missionaries so we could wake up and go do service.
Tuesday - Tuesday we drove all the way to Tippecanoe. It's at the edge of our ward boundaries and we went out to the Furnivalls for service. We helped him split wood and clean up is yard. Me and Elder Eschler made a workout out of it and ran through the yard picking up wood and then running back to his garage to stack the wood. After we helped Brother Furnivall we had lunch with them. He is a very good cook. We had brats, homemade honey applesauce. Home grown corn that was boiled. It was so good. After that we went and showered and got ready in Culver. We had dinner and then when we came back to the apartment it was 85 DEGREES and humid and stuffy! Hahaha their air conditioning doesn't work and we had to sleep in the heat the night before and the big problem is, they don't have screens on their windows so if we want to open the windows mosquitos come in and so we had a swarm of mosquitos in the house. We finally decided we needed to go get some fans from the store, so we went to the Family Dollar in Culver and got 2 fans. That helped and luckily their air conditioning is now fixed. I asked them if they wanted to see how hot we could get it, and try and get it to 100 degrees but they didn't want to. Haha
Wednesday - Wednesday we worked all day. Had a good successful day. We knocked doors and tracted in Plymouth for 5 hours.
Thursday - Thursday morning we walked to Austin's. Austin is a progressing investigator and is on date to be baptized on June 12th. We had a good day working. We we're at dinner at Dale Hartmans and Frances Thomas and Frances pulled a huge tick out of the dog! I have a story to tell you about ticks, I'll tell you in a minute.
Friday - Friday we had District Meeting, then we went to lunch. We tracted and then we went to the Plymouth Museum to do service. Each week we have to get 12 hours of finding(tracting) 12 hours with members and 6 hours of service. This week me and Elder Benson got 18 member hours, 6 1/2 service hours and 15 finding hours. It was a good week! Later in the evening we called everyone on the ward roster and invited them to church.
Saturday - Saturday we went to Culver Academy to hear Mr Horvath speak. He retired just a couple days ago. He is a devout Catholic but is reading the Book of Mormon and comes to our church a lot. So we went to support him, he asked us to go. Laken Alles who is a member, he's about to go on a mission was also graduating so we went and saw him get an award. After that we went to the Ogilvies and did service for them. Brother Ogilvie cut down some trees with a chainsaw and we stacked the wood for him. After that we had dinner with them and he took us to Dairy Queen. He has seen a lot of ticks in his yard so we did a tick check too.
Sunday - Sunday we went to church at 8:30, 2 hours early because that's what time Ben Richhart had to be their for a meeting and he was picking up our investigator Austin, for church. So we went and waited with Austin. Mid-way through Sacrament meeting, he leans over to me and says, can I talk to you right now in the hall. So we get up and walk out, he had low blood sugar and was tired and was about to pass out. So after Sacrament meeting us and Brother Timm gave him a ride home. After church we went to a going away party for Laken. We then drove back to Culver and went to a graduation party for Lizzie. Lizzie is an investigator that Culver is teaching. They brought in people from California to her party to make tacos, they were good. Very cool thing happened, so later that evening, us and the Culver Elders are sitting at a table in the park, and their are 3 women sitting smoking at a table next to us, I said "I'm going to go talk to them, who wants to come" so Elder Eschler comes with me. 1 of them says "Ya I know who you guys are, My mom was mormon" but for the first 15 minutes she wouldn't look at us she just turned away and started smoking. We were teaching the lady she was with and as we were teaching her, this lady (Chris) turns around. Chris says "Ya i'm tied to my mom and everything" and I said "What do you mean tied?" and she said "You know what I mean" and I said "You mean you were sealed?" and she said "Yes, I have all the paperwork and everything, I did the Genealogy" So she started talking to us, she is not a member, she was sealed as a kid but was never baptized. She is now 40 or so and living with an adopted Mom. She ends up telling me about her 2 kids that live in Connecticut that she's worried about, 1 is baptized and 1 isn't so we got their information and sent a referral to mormon. org. Then the other lady ends up telling us that her foster mom wanted her to be sealed to her, but she wasn't ever sealed. After we talked to them all, we said goodbye and walked away and they come chasing us down and said "You guys left to early, my mom needs a prayer, her legs are hurting" so we go back and say a prayer with them. Chris was about to cry twice during the lesson, and her friend went to pull out a cigarette and Chris smacked it out of her hand. Chris then asks if she can have another Book of Mormon because she lost hers, so we give her one and she starts teaching her adopted mom about the Book of Mormon, it was a perfect lesson. She taught everything. This was such a miracle. She also told us about her brother is a member and loves Mormons but he's disabled and can't go to church and she wants missionaries to go talk to him so I sent in that referral. It was such a miracle. We then got all their information and gave a referral to the South Bend Sisters so they can go teach her more. They we're all put in our path!
Monday - Monday me and Elder Eschler worked out in the morning. We went to the hoop by their house and did dunk training and then did workouts in the fronty yard to work on our vertical. We then went to Park and Shop and Elder Eschler got Chips a hoy, 2 gallons of Ice Cream, Cheez its, haha his mom used to not let him eat sugar at home, so now he eats a bunch and we say he's on his wilding, like the Amish haha. We then watched Praise to the Man, a movie about Joseph Smith and it was P-day so we took a nap, and then we walked around Downtown Culver and went to the Root beer stand by the beach, and later that night we walked 11 miles around the lake! Last night when we got in, Elder Eschler was laying on his bed and a tick was crawling on him, he started screaming and then put in the garbage can but didn't kill it so it was still crawling around, finally we got it outside. So then we did another tick check. Haha Elder Eschler hates all bugs so he screams whenever he sees one. He is hilarious. Hahaha it's been a good week. I love you guys so much and miss you!

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