Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20 - Letter

Monday - Monday we got to play basketball at the Lafayette Stake Center on their brand new floor. After playing basketball all day we left and headed back to Frankfort for a dinner appointment we had with the Roberts who are members.

Tuesday - Tuesday morning we went with Brother Brackett and did some of his Home teaching with him, President Cleveland really likes us to do that, and we visited less actives. It was a lot of fun, I always like being around Brother Brackett. It was raining like crazy in Frankfort that morning. He took is back and we worked the rest of the day, had a lot of success and the Roberts were leaving on vacation to Utah so they invited us over to their house and gave us all their food out of their fridge and filled up bags of food for us. 
Wednesday - Wednesday was the goodbye farewell for President and Sister Cleveland. The conference was focused on beginning and endings. A missionary gave a comment during the conference and President Cleveland said "Praise to the Lord" and it made everyone laugh. He really has been converted to Indiana because everyone here says that hahaha. After the conference we took pictures, had Rise n Roll (An amish bakery) but me and Elder Coon didn't eat any, I think we were the only ones. After all of that was finished we headed back to Frankfort to work! We tried visiting a lot of people that told us we could come back, we talked to Cleadus and Carol, and Cleadus wants to come to church! He's grown up baptist, and his dad was Southern Baptist, but he might be coming to church next sunday, we'll be working on him this week! That night we had dinner at the Cross', they have family that live in Bountiful! 
Thursday - Thursday we took our laundry to the member that does it for us, we helped a lady move into our apartment complex, we're going to invite her to church and try and start teaching her. We did service at the Frankfort Library, we went over to the Courthouse with one of the Library workers and got files and then we started filing them at the library. Had a good appointment with Spencer Jordan, he is a 21 year old kid that's a son of a Pentecostal Preacher, and he wants to just teach us his beliefs and ask us all these questions so i asked him if I could borrow his laptop and I read him talks by Jeffrey Holland, and Gordon B. Hinckley and then our church doctrine on
Friday - Friday morning we tracted for a couple hours and found 1 person, that said we could come back tonight and teach her, maybe that's the reason we tracted that street! We visited more people and tracted all day, it's hot and humid now! 
Saturday - Saturday we tracted for a long time, texted Spencer Jordan and answered all his questions all day, had a good lesson with Allyse Barker. She hasn't been baptized yet, but I think she will get baptized soon. She told us she knows our church is the True church, she didn't understand why we had so many 70's and leaders and we told her Jesus had a 70 when he was her and God is a God of order, and the leaders keep everything organized. We also had a good lesson with a lady named Gloria Laverty, we did some service for her and clipped some bushes and sprayed weeds and then we invited her to church and talked to her about the Book of Mormon. She came to church too! Later that night we had coordination meeting with Brother Brackett.
Sunday - Sunday we got to church early, we had 4 investigators at church! 1 of them is Clyde Allen, a member found him for us so we're going to start teaching him, he's doing the Addiction Recovery Program in Lafayette because he was an alcoholic. He stayed for all 3 hours, it was fun to be in Priesthood with him. After church we talked to the Branch President, President Heavilon, for about an hour, he's a real nice guy. We just talked about guns with him haha. After church we went and visited Harvey Ruse and he showed us all his guns. We then went to a cookout at a recent converts house, it was really good because we got to talk to a lot of non-members. We visited less actives and tried contacting and meeting them and we took some Lds Books to them to read. The teachings of the Presidents books. It's been a very successful week and this next week should be good too! I love you guys! 8 months! Woah. I miss you guys!

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