Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27 - Letter

Monday - So Monday we went to the Lafayette Stake Center and played basketball. A kid from the ward there and an adult played with us. After we played for a couple hours we all went to Triple X, this restaraunt. You guys have to look it up! The guy from the Food Channel went there, It's in West Lafayette and it's a famous place. I got this meal they named after Drew Brees. He played at Purdue. They have Peanut butter hamburgers. After that we drove back to Kokomo and drove through the country and the little small towns and as we're driving back we see this huge storm coming in and lightning like I've never seen before. The sky was turning green and everyone thought there was gonna be a tornado hahaha. We were on the freeway and couldn't see anything in front of us.

Tuesday - Tuesday morning we had our last conference call with President Cleveland. We had a good day, we we're going by Former Investigators and one of them was Davina, she wants to come to our church, she wants to get her 6 year old boy involved in church and it was a miracle we went to her house and met her. That night we went to the Corriveau's, he showed us all his guns, he was 19 and went to war and drove convoys for the Marine's, and he was less active for a lot of his life, and then he met his wife who was not a member and he had a family member that was getting married and neither of them could go in the Temple, and his wife asked why, she ended up being converted and now they're strong members. We grilled and had a good cookout.

Wednesday - Wednesday we did service for the Salvation Army. We visited Sister Hazelton, she can't come to church because of Health Problems but she's from Louisiana and made us the best soup. We had dinner with the Cunninghams, I would send you a picture we took with them but after we took the picture we realized Brother Cunningham was in his Garment top with a button up shirt un-buttoned so I can't send it, haha. They are so funny to be around though. 

Thursday - We did service at the Library and at Salvation Army. I got a way nice IU Jacket for free, it's one from the 80's. We worked all day, all the miracles happened the next couple days so I'm going to skip to there.

Friday - Friday after District Meeting, Elder Reece and Elder Baldwin wanted to blitz Kokomo, so I went with Elder Reece and we we're riding bikes all over Kokomo. I go with him to see a guy they just met and they taught him and said they could come back. We had an appointment and knock on his door, he answers and Elder Reece asks if we can come in, he says actually I talked to my Pastor and he said I shouldn't talk to you guys, and my wife also said to stay away from you guys. So we said in a nice way "You're pastor might be a great man, but he's nowhere near God and God will answer your question on if you should talk with us or not" and we said a lot more to him and it ended up being a good lesson and he said he would pray about it. After that we were riding through the park and we stopped and talked to this guy that was walking, it turned out to be the Pitcher for the Minor League baseball team in Kokomo so we shared a scripture with him and we were actually planning on going to the game that night. We also talked to a jewish lady walking her dog. We came to a highway and we were trying to decide which way to go to get water, it was 100 degrees outside and so I guessed and said straight. Me and Elder Reece start riding a little bit and we took the wrong way, but there we're 2 people sitting out on the porch both smoking. So I said "Let's go talk to them" we teach them the Restoration and they both wanted to be baptized! It was a miracle. We then went and got some water and got on the trolley. We rode around on the trolley and talked to people. The trolley is the best place to talk to people because they can't get away from us, they have to listen to us. Hahaha. We met a kid named Darrin, he was looking fo a job, and the last time he went to church was in SouthBend a long time ago. He said he felt the spirit while we were talking to him and we told him our church can help find jobs. We also met a lady that started asking us all these questions, that are church believes in and she believes in too, she wasn't completely there though and she wasn't accountable so we couldn't really teach her, but we gave her a card and said "God be with you till we meet again" and she said "Yes we will meet again as spirits" That night we went to the Ruberson's for dinner. Elder Woolsey got these Free golf clubs from Salvation Army and the Ruberson's live on a golf course, so he asked if he could got out on their course and hit some balls and so he did, but he couldn't hit any balls, he just dug holes trying to hit them hahaha. After dinner me and Elder Reece went to the baseball game with a recent convert. We we're walking around and everyone was staring at us and 2 workers came up and told us we can't proselyte, we weren't going to but it was funny. After the game we went and talked to Sam (the pitcher we met earlier) on the field and talked to him. He's a nice guy. 2 mormon missionaries in white shirts walking around the field talking to baseball players haha. it was dark and we had to ride bikes home and Elder Reece has only been in Kokomo for 2 weeks so he barely knew how to get around, so we stopped at corners and prayed about with way to go. Personal Liahona's work Elder Bednar is right. We made it home.

Saturday - Saturday morning we cleaned the whole church building, just me and Elder Woolsey, it took us 4 hours. Once we got that done we went tracting but the biggest miracle happened Sunday.

Sunday - Me and Elder Woolsey both gave talks on the 7th Article of Faith. In Sunday School, Clyde Allen and investigator, said that our 2 talks hit him in the heart so that was good. After church we we're tracting and we were dripping sweat because it was 107 outside and we had been having a good day and this this happened, we knock on this door, a guy answers and we invite him to church and give him a card, and he says "me and my wife have been looking for a church, we just moved here" and then his wife comes running up and she's like "Do you do a bible study?" We said " No but we want to start one up" and so we start teaching, she said she's been praying and praying that she'd find a church and she knew we were an answer to her prayer and she knew God led us to her. We teach them both the Restoration and invite them to be baptized, they both say "Of course!" God truly did lead us to them :) We then went to the Bergendorf's for dinner, Barbara Bergendorf is a member but her husband isn't and they invited friends over. So their friends are walking in and Dennis Bergendorf (Her husband) says "Bob looks like a hippy" and I looked and he did, so I figured they weren't members of the church, but Bob and Wendy are! They used to be hippies, and they converted in 1981 and he told us there conversion story. It's been a great week! We had 4 investigators at church, this place is prepared to hear the Gospel :) I love you guys and miss you so much!

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