Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6 - Letter

Monday - Monday was P-day so we hung out in Culver. We went to the Root Beer Stand, it's a place a lot like Paces, and it's right on the Lake, it was a lot of fun. We slept, and watched some videos about Prophets of our church. Then at 6 when P-day Ended we walked around all of Maxincuckee Lake, it was an 11 mile walk and I walked it in a suit. It was HOT. We talked to people and handed out cards and invited them to church. Then at 8:30 Me and Elder Eschler stopped at a Subway right off the lake and ate and then we went back to the Apartment. Elder Eschler was grabbing a lot of the tall grass throughout the walk and I thought to myself "What if he gets a tick"? Then later that night he's laying in bed and sees a tick and starts screaming. We got it out of the house though.

Tuesday - Tuesday we got to E-mail :) After we e-mailed we went and got lunch at Wal-mart, Sister Sam saw me and Elder Eschler and bought our food for us, it was so nice of her. We then went to a park and ate. Me and Elder Benson went back to Bremen, we worked all day and it was a good day.

Wednesday - Wednesday we went out and tried visiting a bunch of less-actives, and also seeing if they still even live there. That's one thing the Branch President asked us to do was contact everyone in our area on the Ward Directory so that's what we've been doing. It was a good day of Hard work. A lot of the people have moved, but we don't know where they've moved to so the church can't transfer the records and they don't like to just take the old address off so a lot of people keep getting visited by us and telling us that person hasn't lived there in 2 years and we say "We're sorry, We'll try and fix it" but the church can't do anything with the record if they don't know where the new one is, so we've been hunting down people :) 

Thursday - Thursday at 10 am we went out with Bob Schultz and helped him split wood and move wood around in his woods so he can easily get to it. It was a lot of wood. We had a good conversation about our church too. Bob has been Pentecostal most his life, and had to live by all these rules, until finally he stopped being a pastor for the church and didn't want to live the strict rules. So he knows our church is true, and he's told us, he just says "He wants to be free, and not jump through hoops, and live the rules of our church" and so we're out in the Woods and he said to us "Isn't truth free?" and I said "Ya, truth is for everyone, but one of our apostles said "Let us here now resolve, that a religion that does not require sacrifice of all things, never has power sufficient unto life and salvation" and then he said "That sounds like works to me" And I said "Ya, it is" and he said "By Grace we are saved" And I said "Yes by Grace we are saved, but our works exalt us to the Celestial Kingdom" and he said "Oh ya that makes sense" and then Elder Benson gave a good analogy on it. And then I said to Bob "You've met with missionaries for 35 years, you've heard everything any missionary can say, and they've probably asked you to pray about the Book of Mormon a million times, have you done it" and then he told us he had and he got a witness of it. So he knows it's true, so then I said "So if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith is a True Prophet right? and most of these rules you don't want to live, are God's commandments given to Joseph Smith" Bob then told us pretty much, he will get baptized, it's just a matter of time. After we helped him, he wanted to take us to Ponderosa Steakhouse so we went there with him, it was good. After lunch we went to Dale Hartman's farm and helped him on his farm. He then fed us after.

Friday - Friday we had District Meeting and Elder Morgan and Elder Eschler surprised us with breakfast, they made Pancakes, bacon, orange juice and donuts(I didn't eat the donuts):). After that me and Elder Benson went to Jim Smiddy's (A non member) his wife is a member and we're trying to convert him. He's been Menninite his whole life, so we went to his house in Walkerton and we sat outside and talked to him, and then we brought up the church. He told us he'd give us 10 minutes to teach him. So we taught him the Restoration and Book of Mormon and at the very end Elder Benson invited him to baptism! He said yes and is going to start the Book of Mormon from page 1! We are so excited, 2 months ago he did not even want to come to church, he swished whiskey in his mouth in front of President Kelly and "Ehh probably won't come to church" We've been doing service for him and have gotten a great friendship with Jim. We then went to a lot of less actives in Walkerton. Later that night we went back to the church for dinner. We made Taco Salads and then after Dinner the Culver elders came and slept at our apt so they could wake up and do service for the Richharts in the morning.

Saturday - Saturday from 10-11:30 in the morning all 4 of us went out tracting and Personal Contacting in Bremen. We then came back and had lunch, and then went out to the Richharts in Lakeville. We split wood with an axe for 3 hours it was so much fun. It was raining and we were soaked. They fed us dinner and then we got in the car and had a missed call from President Cleveland. He called us back and told us where we're getting Transferred! I'm excited. Later that night we went and slept at the Culver Elders apartment so we could wake up and ride to church with them, and we were with them when they got there transfer calls. Elder Morgan is going to Franklin, Elder Eschler is going to Honey Creek(By Terra Haute) and Elder Benson is going to White River(Downtown Indy)

Sunday - Sunday was a long day with a lot to do! We went to church, had a meeting after church, we said goodbye to everyone and then we cleaned our apartment and started packing. I love and miss you guys so much!!!

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