Monday, June 13, 2016

June - Letter

Monday - Monday was a fun day. We packed all morning and left our apartment in Bremen for the last time. We e-mailed and had lunch, me Elder Benson and Elder Eschler and Elder Morgan. We then went and relaxed in Culver for a couple hours until dinner time. We went to Christos (a nice Steakhouse) in Plymouth with President Kelly, his wife, Bob Schultz and his wife, our Ward mission leader Brother Bollman and his son. It was a lot of fun. I got all you can eat ribs :) After dinner we stayed the night at the Culver elders apt so we could wake up and have Brother Hindsdale take all of us to Transfer meeting in Fishers.
Tuesday - Tuesday morning was crazy. So there were 4 of us all getting transferred and we had to fit all of our stuff in Brother Hindsdales suburban. Once we finally got all of it packed in, we headed to Fishers. We got to Fishers, it was a good time, I got to talk to Elder Coon, Heimuli, Quick, Weitzel and Freeman Pittard and we shot around and played basketball it was fun. Me and Elder Woolsey then left and headed to Frankfort to find our new apartment. When we got there the manager of the apartment didn't know who we were and wouldn't tell us which apartment we were in because she'd never seen us, so we had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and she let us move in. We got all of our stuff in, we live on the 3rd floor of the apartment building, It's kinda like a hotel, it feels like one, but the missionaries living in our apartment were Sisters and when we walked in our room it smelled like Perfume, so that was a problem and I don't think we're going to be able to get rid of the smell and it's making me sick. Not really I'm just sick of the smell haha. They left a bunch of clothes and nail polish and so we threw all of that out. That night we met Brother Brackett (Ward mission leader) and had dinner at his house. Him and his wife are very nice people and Brother Brackett will help with anything for the missionaries. He was in the ward when Landon Lewis served in Frankfort in 91 so he knows him and was friends with him! He was so surprised when he found out I knew him. Cool thing about our ward mission leader, his dad tried out for the Red sox and another baseball team and Brother Brackett's dad didn't necessarily like Religion so Bro. Brackett wrote a book about baseball but intermingled our church gospel in it. Also, Blue Chips the movie was filmed at Frankfort high school and Shaquille Oneal and Penny Hardaway we're in it, so they were in Frankfort. 
Wednesday - Wednesday at 10 we went and did service for the Zoo next to us, we walked in the cage of a kangaroo, all kinds of birds that talk to you, it was cool. We helped them spread mulch around the park. We were out tracting and walking around, and this car pulls over to the side of the road and asks us if we are going to be knocking Armstrong Street, I said "I don't know why?" and he said He wanted to meet with us. So he gives us his address and we walk to his house. He invited us inside, had water ready for us and said he wanted to learn about our church. But he didn't want to learn as much as he wanted to Preach False doctrine to us haha so that was fun. That night we had dinner at the Cunninghams, and while we were there the visiting teachers came over, one of them has family in Bountiful, and is going to Bountiful this week to visit, they live by Bountiful Blvd on Eggett Lane by the Temple. 
Thursday - Thursday morning we took our laundry to Sister Bergendorfs. She does our laundry every week. It's very nice of her. I was going through the Area book and called the first name I saw. It was Allyse Barker. She was a Former Investigator, and when I called to see if we could come meet her. She said Yes come over. So we sat outside and talked to her and had a good discussion with her. She said she is 90% Mormon, it's just a matter of time before she gets baptized. She says our church makes so much sense. Later we helped some members, the Williamsons, move and we had dinner with them. After that we went and talked to Joe Calloway, a World War 2 Vet, and he loves to give missionaries Ice Cream, but I told him I can't eat it so Elder Woolsey got it all :)
Friday - VERY SUCCESSFUL DAY. So we had Zone Meeting from 10-1:30 and then we all went to lunch and brought it back to the Lafayette Stake Center and ate in the High Council room. After all of that it was 3 and me and Elder Hullinger went on exchanges. Elder Hullinger played football at Lehi and me and him are good friends, we always play basketball. So we're in downtown Lafayette and we go to these people I've never met, she was a potential investigator. We go inside, and there's a guy with all these tattoos no shirt on, and piercings, but a very nice guy. He's never talked to missionaries though. They both say they our ministers for a church in California, but they also say there Wickens. (Wicken is you worship the adversary) and this couple rents from some recent converts to our church and they have Book of Mormons in the house. The man starts looking through the Book of Mormon and we teach him all about it. It was a very good lesson. They both said they wanted to come to church and then I got a text from Elder Hullinger on Sunday and they both actually came! He said "Can I wear a tanktop to church?" we said "Ya come as you are" but he didn't haha. We then went over to a less active members home, and taught their 9 year old boy the Word of Wisdom, he's going to get baptized soon and we worked on getting an appointment for his dad to meet with the Bishop to get the Priesthood and baptize his son. It was so funny during the lesson, I said "So the Word of Wisdom is kind of like a Health code from God, on what is good for our body and what's not, and an easy way to Remember it, is by thinking of CATTS, so the C stands for Coffee, we aren't supposed to drink coffee" and the little boy turns to his mom and says "Why do you drink it every morning?" hahahaha and she said "You don't have to tell on mom" After the lesson with them we changed into basketball clothes and went and played basketball with all the people at the City Park. Me Elder Hullinger, Elder Wood and Elder Lords (Who are the Campus Missionaries on Purdue) went and played. So much fun! 
Saturday - Saturday we went to a baptism! Elder Hullinger and his companion baptized someone who is a kingdom builder. She will help the church in Lafayette a lot. After the baptism, me and Elder Woolsey drove back to Frankfort. We changed and went and helped Allyse Barker with some service she needed help with. She just got surgery on her hand, and head, so she can't do much so we helped her and had a good discussion about our church with her. We mowed the Bergendorfs lawn, and we helped the Williamsons move some more. It was a service day.
Sunday - At 8:30 we went to church, it starts at 9 so we got there early. Allyse Barker came to church! It was great. She loved it. There are 30 active members in the branch! So me and Elder Woolsey bless the sacrament and yesterday we taught the 2nd hour and taught the new member lessons. We had 2 very good talks given by Senior Missionaries who live in West Lafayette right now, but they're from Loomis California but they our on a church service mission and teach the Addiction Recovery Program at the Lafayette Stake Center. Elder and Sister Astle is there name. He played volleyball at Byu. We had lunch after church with them at the Roberts. After lunch we shared a message and then went out and worked. We tracted for an hour and a half and it was so good! We found a dad and 3 kids that want to come to church, and found another man that wants to come, and got 5 new investigators and taught 6 lessons! We then contacted a referral and gave her the bible she requested from our church and then set up a return appointment. We walked around the Town Square and tried Personal contacting people.
 It was a very good day and a very successful week.
I love you guys more then you could ever know!
Quote of the day yesterday. We were sitting in Priesthood class and everyone was talking and the Branch President said "My beloved brethren, shut up"

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