Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

The zone had 29 investigators at church! It was a great week.

Monday we played basketball all day until 5 pm, and then me and Elder Butler went on an exchange. He is just about as good as the Piano Guys, at playing the piano. He is in the Mooresville ward, and I went with him to his area. Crazy miracle that was told to us by a member (the mom) there when we were at a dinner. She was in 4th grade living in Florida and met a girl her age who was Jehovah Witness. They talked about our church and Jehovah Witness and they were really good friends. 28 years go by and the Jehovah Witness lady is now talking to Sister Missionaries from our church, 1 of the Sisters had to go home from her mission because she hurt her ankle, while at home she was talking to someone who knew the member telling me the story and the person happened to be good friends and had the current phone number and address of her, she called her and told her, and made the reconnection between her and the Jehovah Witness lady, they talked and the JW is getting baptized in our church, when she started reading the Book of Mormon her husband divorced but she knows it's true and wants her to come to the baptism! I thought that was sweet.

I also went on an exchange with Davis Johnson from Wx! I went with him to his area in Avon, we had a lot of fun! While on the exchange Elder Abhau and Elder Ferreira found a bed bug in our room! We spent all day cleaning, spraying alcohol, throwing our clothes in the dryer and setting off bed bug bombs in our apartment. I ate FUFU this week, it's an African dish that is Fish, and potato type stuff in a spicy soup. It was really good! I gave my first Baptismal Interview this week, it was to one of the Spanish Missionaries investigators, he was a 16 year old kid, it was a lot of fun! He lived on the East Side of Indianapolis, and so after we went and Elder Abhau had me meet the famous Brother Lane from the Crossroads Ward, he has baptized hundreds and hundreds of people in the ward that's on the East Side (I'll send you a picture of him). He fed us what we call "Black People Food" which was Potato Skins, Catfish, Pork And beans and Ice Cream :)
This week President Carlson came to a lesson with me and Elder Abhau to our investigator Vesnel, it was SWEET! He wants to get baptized!  This week we had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast that changed a lot of things as a missionary and I like it! We can now go to bed at 9:30 so we get more rest, I guess the church did a bunch of research and found out missionaries weren't getting enough rest, we don't have to plan at night, we plan in the morning, and we can now leave the apartment at 8 am on P-days! We also don't keep track of the normal numbers we used to keep track of, only people that were baptized and confirmed, investigators that are on baptismal date, investigators at sacrament meeting, and New Investigators. I like it, it's cuts all the fluff and just has us report the very important things and pushes us to do what's most important, get them to church and baptized :) we went to 2 baptisms on Saturday! Very good things happening :)

I love you guys! - Elder Jared Clark
Our apt during cleaning up of BEDBUG scare

This little thing caused us a lot of stress

Brother Lane
This is at Marc's baptism, the one I got to Interview

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