Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

On Monday we went at 8 in the morning and did all of our grocery shopping and went to this International Market that I love to go to. One of the times we were there this week I met an African guy from Nigeria who I got to speak Yoruba too, people are so shocked when I say something in Yoruba to them. For lunch we went to Moe's (it's a southwestern grille that sells burritos) and we went to the park that "The fault in our stars" was filmed at. That night we planned for the transfer, made some POG which is a mixture of Passionfruit, Orange juice and Guava and we made a smoothie out of it. We had a LU'AU in our apartment and ate some cocunut chips, Lihingmui and Pog. It was a good night!!

Tuesday morning we helped Elders Chapple and Mason get to transfers and helped them get luggage there. This week we finally had time to get out and knock on doors and it was sooo much fun. This Catholic guy we were talking to told us the reasoning behind doing the cross after they pray and I said "Normally I do that in the morning but I usually say "My hair is done, my tie is on, I have my nametag and I have my planner". We took Elder Chapple to the hospital in Greenwood for some more testing and went to this surprisingly good Chinese restaraunt that Elder Chapple wanted to take us to. We went to the intersection named "10th and Drive-by" on the East side of Indianapolis and right as we pull up, 3 cop cars come speeding around the corner with their lights on haha.

On Thursday we went to another Chinese buffet with the High Priest group which was a lot of fun. I gave a baptismal interview to De-Shawn (the guy I taught in the other Eagle Creek area) and he will have to wait another week to get baptized so he can quit smoking. Elder Chapple and Mason took his cigars and fried chicken for him the other week but he went and bought more Cigarettes :) On Friday we went to the Fishburn complex and did service :) I got to see Brad Quick, I mean Elder Brad Quick and we hung out while we did service. It was kind of funny the guy gave me and him the golfcart to drive around and pick up garbage cans while everyone else is walking around all the baseball fields picking up trash, it was a goooood time :)

I was with a brand new missionary this week on exchanges! While we were on exchanges we helped move a Mattress for some people. Brother Merrill picked us up and we went and got it from Costco and dropped it off at Sister Wu's house she's living in. She's from China and the 2 people she lives with are not members. Right when we knocked on the door they invited us inside to eat, they made us Fried rice, I actually don't know how she made it so fast, first I see white rice, she goes in the garage and 5 minutes later it's this hot sizzling fried rice on my plate. They gave us hot chinese chili and chinese cabbage :) She told us she gets bored of cooking for just herself and husband and so she wants us to come over, we made a deal that we'd help her with yard work or something like that and she can feed us :) The cool thing was, the next day we went to a Fireside at our church building and Sister Wu spoke at it and the Chinese lady sent her with some Sushi to give just to me! So delicious :) I hope everything is going good in the 801 and I love and miss you guys!

I don't know if I ever sent this home to you guys but this is me and some kids I was playing football with!

Elder Redmond's going back to Ireland

I met Kathryn's sister!

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