Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Everything is alive and well here in Indianapolis! Eagle Creek is a lot of fun :) We spent some time this week with Muslims and I learned a lot! 1 from Kenya, a lot of them from Somalia and Sudan. Me and Elder Chapple went on an exchange (because I love him) and we taught a Muslim. He let us come in an teach him, he spoke a little bit of English but we focused the lesson on the Old Testament because they believe in it up to the New Testament. This week Sheila dropped us... We were trying to help her quit smoking and she said she needs to take time away from Church. Hope everything goes good with her. Here's a funny story. This week we were talking about being tools in the Hand of the Lord and I looked at Elder Chapple and said "You're used for blunt force trauma" and he said "Yep, I'm used for blunt force trauma" hahaha.  

On Tuesday we had a very good lesson with Evan! Evan is someone we found knocking doors. I said "We're representatives of Jesus Christ" and he said "I know I listen to the Book of Mormon on my phone" and he went to the Temple Open House. We had a very good lesson on the Book of Mormon and receiving Spiritual Revelation and gave him a Book of Mormon to read. Elder Chapple and I then went to visit a Liberian man named Samuel. He really wanted us to come by. We sat down and talked to him for about an hour about the Restoration and he told us his life story of how he made it from Liberia to hear and the trials he went through. We contacted a referral later in the day who wanted a Bible and Book of Mormon, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. Wednesday morning we gave a blessing to a Sister in our ward who had neck surgery so we went to the Hospital and got that taken care of.  

On Thursday the Merrill's took us out to lunch at Teppanyaki a Grill and Buffet. After that all 4 of us went to this Apartment complex and knocked doors and talked to people there. It was pretty much a Somalian Village. We visited Mike and Alice Davis later in the evening, they are a part member family. Alice is a very strong active member, and Mike struggles with Alcohol and Smoking so we visit them and support them.  

On Friday morning we contacted another referral who wanted a Bible and Book of Mormon but we only talked to her for about 5 minutes because she had to get to court. We had District meeting and then we helped some members with Construction on their house. We were on exchanges with the Avon missionaries for the weekend. Also, the White River missionaries had a baptism this week. 2 hours before the baptism, he called and said he didn't think he'd be able to get baptized. Elder Allred and I jumped in the car and went over to his apartment and talked to him and he decided he would follow through with the baptism. He then bore a powerful testimony at the baptism about the Adversary attacking him when he was about to do something very good but the missionaries being right next to him to push him and help him through.

After the baptism we helped a Muslim family move and that took the whole night, but I'm very glad we got to help them because the wife had a baby 10 days earlier and it was just the Husband and 1 other guy unloading the truck, but 6 Mormon missionaries came along and took care of them :) On Sunday Daryl came to church! He's an investigator. He called us at 8:53 and wanted to come to church at 9 so we can with a member and picked him up. That night we taught Josh the Law of Chastity and put him on date to be baptized for May 6 and he asked me to baptize him so I'm excited for that! I love you guys!

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