Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23 - Letter

This week was a great week. On Saturday we had a baptism for Vance Derringer. A lot of non members came which was good. We are meeting with Alice. Alice is a lady who had throat cancer so she has a hole in her throat. A total laryngectomy and so we talked to a doctor in our ward and he gave us a plug that she would use to cover it but the hole is so big that the plug wouldn't cover all of it. If water got in she could drown or get pneumonia so were still trying to figure it out. We might have to get approval from the first presidency. Because if she can't be fully immersed, if she just sat in the water, the first presidency would have to approve it. Yesterday we had a guy go off on us and drop a lot of swear words and said "get outta here" but we just laughed haha then we knocked on his neighbors door and while we were talking to his neighbor 5 cops showed up to the guys house haha. None of our investigators will come to church so that's what we're working on this week. It started snowing here this week! It got to 25 degrees I think. Love you guys and i'll have more stories coming

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