Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16 - Letter

The crazy thing is, is my mission is fitting together like a puzzle. It's like I've seen the people and their houses before in a dream and everything happens the way I dreamt it. My companion says that Deja Vu is glimpses we saw in the Pre-Earth life of what we are supposed to do here.

My ankle weights are nice I went running with them once. And I learned how to make good eggs haha my companion said they're good, I told him i'm not good at making them but now I know how to make them good.

We had the biggest fire I've ever seen at Sister banks farm, it was probably 10 feet high and 20 feet wide.

We have a baptism on saturday! His name is Vance. We're trying to get 57 baptisms in 57 days for the whole mission. Me and my companion have 8 investigators on date and 14 progressing investigators. We went praying and finding and we found 6 new investigators in 2 hours.

Me and Elder Bornes went on an exchange and met with a guy that has Paranoid Schizophrenia so he would tell us a lot of crazy things and we'd just help him feel better. He's a less active member so he's been baptized but he told my companion to run to his house real quick because someone stabbed his bible and they got there and it was a tiny little scratch on one page and they said "do you think this could possibly be from your cat"?
He told me that he took his bible into the park and someone shot at him with a rifle but God had a forcefield around him.
  Another guy said I have 4 wives so I am good

I cooked meat for the first time! We make burritos and they're good and quick to make, we just cook the meat and put it in tupperware and put it in the fridge and we have meat for the week. This guy asked us what if Jesus was black or oriental and we told him how Joseph Smith saw him and he's caucasian and he said in his prayer later he wanted to hold hands and he said, "Well God, I found out Jesus is caucasian" he's just a nice old man that has alzheimers.

  Sister Steadman told us we have to call her first before we go to a doctor, and I don't know if I trust any of the    doctors in martinsville hahaha.

And all the people out here have nicer cars then they have houses. Elder Quick was riding his bike with Elder Bornes and these guys pulled up next to him and yelled at him and almost hit him with their truck but they missed so they yelled instead.

A car pulled up on his lawn and he reached for his gun, and then asked us if we had any guns. He used to be a cop. He's a good guy he said he just wants to help people out, he said he's soft because he arrested so many people and some of them he felt bad for so now he wants to help people out.
We visited the lady next to door to him and she has two kids so I was wrestling with the little kid while Elder Coon taught the lesson. The dad doesn't live with them I don't think, so he was just going crazy when people came over that would wrestle with him.
The guy with alzheimers thought we had blessed underwear.

We met this crazy guy named Lance, he told us that he was reading revelation , God told him to go pray, he knelt down and he says he saw four feet and as he looked up he saw 2 guys in white robes and it was Jesus and Heavenly  Father but he could only see their bodies but not their faces and then he said a dove flew across them. He's methodist, though he said he stopped smoking which is good. He talked to us with no shirt, a nice gut and he was in underwear.
Then we went to dinner at a members house and they fed us lasagna, salad, bread and broccoli.
On P day we always go to bloomington and play basketball so we're going today it's fun.

I tried talking to his lady at the library but she just tried to get off the topic and she told me she was Apostolic, those are the crazy people that scream at church.

My companion is from Arizona and he likes the room hot and I sweat drops of sweat in bed. Sorry everything is out of order I just want to write down everything I want to tell you guys.

We committed a girl named Nikki to baptism this week! She probably weighed 400 pounds so my companion said I will probably need to be the one that baptizes her haha. A lot of the people say "they're busy" and we think "with what? Do you need to catch up on your smoking?" So there's this thing out here called "Hoosiering" and it's when old guys sit on their front porch and they start talking to you, 20 minutes straight and they don't take a breath. 

 I got the package! Thank you guys so much! I loved it!! My companion loved the energy balls and Elder Quick said you got hooked up. We had a miracle a couple weeks ago I didn't tell you about, I was sitting at the computer, and usually people don't talk to us first but this guy did, I taught him about repentance because he felt guilty of things he'd done and we got his name and gave him our number and his girlfriend or something called when we were sitting by him and he said "you're lucky i'm by these men that are missionaries because now i'll be nice" Most people don't let you in their house which is good because some have bed bugs, so we always try to stay outside and the houses I do go into I get allergies, something in their house, cat fur or just something dirty so my throat starts tickling but I just take Vitamin C and allergy medicine.

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