Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9 - Letter

Mom!!! This is so fun. On the airplane ride here we were flying in and I saw it and knew I was gonna like it and I got so excited. I got off the airplane and met Steve Cleveland's wife and we were waiting for Steve Cleveland to come and I met him and the first thing I said to him was "Let's convert Paul George" and he laughed and then everyone laughed and then we got my luggage and me and Steve Cleveland were talking about how my luggage broke and I said "I needed my mom here to help me pack" and he laughed and then we started walking outside and the first person I see is Michael Gubler, from Bountiful and we were so excited to see each other and we've never even talked to each other because he is 2 years older then me and he played basketball at Bountiful he lives right by the temple. So me and him start talking and we talk about everything and we know all the same people and we laughed about stories from home, and right when I saw him it brought me back to home. And then I met Elder Mortensen from Spanish Fork and we had a dang good time talking and then I met Elder Hackney from Corona California and now im so close with the 3 of them and they've all been out 18 months and Elder Hackney left 2 days after I came. It was fun we just hung out and the 3 of them are all AP's. I get along with them real well because we have the same sense of humor. And we drove past the Indianapolis temple and after that they took us to the Fishers Stake Center to go to the mission office. This is the funnest place. All the people are funny, nice the old guys that help us crack jokes with all the missionaries and me and the 3 assistants talked to them a lot. I told Steve Cleveland I used to grow up going to games when he was a coach and now he's my mission president. So they set up all the stations in the stake center and we went to the first station and it was driving, and it was a good thing you sent all my records before I got here because everyone had to fill out papers and I just got to sit there. The next station told us how to keep our rooms clean. This is fun there's so many people I know here. The kid that is in the newspaper picture with me on dad's lock, the kid from Corner canyon the quarterback is here he's a Spanish elder and we already met and talked for a while. After that I met with the medical lady, and her name is Sister Steadman, and the Dr's name is Dr james, and he takes care of missionaries for free. After that I met with a sister that told me how much money we get, we got 70 dollars on the 1st of the month and on the 16th. And I had to use 27 dollars from my emergency fund because I couldn't find my card they gave me but now I found it, and their aren't any big expenses coming up. After that we went to the mission home  and it was fun Steve Cleveland is the best mission president and for dinner we had pulled pork sandwiches salad grapes chips. Then we had our mission president interview and Steve Cleveland knows us, he knows Grandpa and Charles W Penrose, he said "That is a prominent name in the church" and we talked about a lot of things and he knows Coach Jorgensen. I need to get Brother Parkinson's email my mission prep teacher because he told me a story about Steve Cleveland changing a kid's life and President Cleveland wants to remember it. After that we had a meeting and President Cleveland talked to us and I like it because he still talks like a basketball coach. Everyone here is so nice. Tell everyone this, Steve Cleveland and Paul George are good friends, Steve Cleveland invited him to the temple open house here in Indiana but he couldn't get a hold of him because Paul George changes his phone number every month but Steve Cleveland goes to dinner with him a lot. After that we went to bed, we woke up ate good breakfast at the Clevelands, and then we all went over to the stake center and found out who are companion was gonna be. It was like Selection Sunday. Everyone goes crazy. I'm in Martinsville!!! Oh my gosh I gotta tell you about Martinsville. I'll jut say this before I start, It's where the KKK was started. My companion is Elder Coon, I like him. In the duplex next to us is Elder Quick from Bountiful, it's Brad Quick oh my gosh he's so funny when people start bible bashing him he says the funniest things. This lady told him she was baptized by God and he's like "Oh how'd you pull that off" and then a lady said we have the wrong church and he said "well I wanna know about this true church?!?" and Elder Bornes. Mom he was the kid that got out right next to us in the parking lot before the Mtc remember him. Me and him came in the same day to the same mission. He's from Park City. My companion is from Arizona. It's the 4 of us out here in a house and we're the hardest working Elders I think and it's fun. The first thing I did here was give a blessing to a man in a hospital he was probably 400 pounds and in bad condition. The second person I met was Dennis, he was baptized boefre I got here and yesterday he got confirmed. He's so old his feet came up during baptism but the bishop said he's too old he couldn't do it again. The 3rd person I met was Alice, and she cant talk cause she had throat cancer and she is getting baptized in 2 or 3 weeks and she has a hole in her throat so we're trying to figure out a way to plug it. There's so many more stories I'll tell you but I have 19 minutes left and I wanna hurry and get this to you
(Elder Clark, Elder Coon, Sister Banks, Elder Quick, Elder Bornes) This is a picture with Sister banks at her farm! She owns 88 acres of land. We help her clean it up and she gives us so much food and powerades and she buys us sweaters pants at Christmas!

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