Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9 - Questions Answered

What's your favorite thing so far? Too many things I cant pick a favorite!:)
What surprised you the most? Most surprising is how fun it is.
What do you need? Energy balls and things like that!:) I love those.
What was it like to meet Steve Cleveland?  I love Steve Cleveland.
Who's your new companion? Where is he from? My companion is Elder Coon from, Arizona and guess what he loves to workout and run, we did p90x this morning and we eat the same food. I went running with my ankle weights and they're nice.
What is your apartment like? I was surprised at how nice my apartment is.
What will you miss about the MTC? Who had the biggest impact on you there? The teachers had the biggest impact on me there they taught me so much!
Are you having any Deja vus? Yes I have Deja vus all the time, i'll expain more later :)
Did your suitcases get there OK? They told me I have a package here but I can't pick it up till Wednesday so I think its here!:)
Was the weather nice today? Yeah the weather is so nice it's starting to get cold though!!
How tall is your companion? My companion is 5'11 maybe.
How many missionaries in Martinsville? 4 missionaries in Martinsville! We all live in a duplex!
Are you craving anything? I'll be thinking of stuff im craving:)
How often will u eat with members? We eat every night with the members!! It's so nice, the Bishop said these boys need to be fed, feed these boys!

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