Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14

This week was a good one. 2 days ago me and Quick put a lady on Baptismal Date in a 2 minute Restoration lesson. Also during the week we were walking up to a Trailer Home to go talk to this guy named Bob, as we started up the stairs this guy starts honking and yelling at us so we go up to his truck and he's yelling at us about "This trailer park says No Soliciting and Quick and Coon were both yelling and then we started it Polar opposite and started talking to him about Christ and we ended up saying a prayer with him. We talked to this Jehovah Witness lady and she's gonna give us 3 bibles hahaha. One for each of us. Scripture to look up and ponder 2 Nephi 4:16

We put a rapper on baptismal date yesterday! Ya he's currently living everything opposite of the church so we got some work to do :) hahaha

Did you guys know or did you ever notice that there are always 2 Apostles missing at General Conference? Because if something were to happen, the keys have to stay on the earth and a Prophet always has to be on the earth.

We're all staying in Martinsville! We're getting a new Elder tomorrow that Elder Quick will be training

No good man would try and write the Book of Mormon and no bad man could write the book of mormon
Energy balls are yummm I still haven't ate them all I'm prolonging them and saving them as long as i can
I got the crunchy confection and ate it all the way to Bloomington today!:) Thank you!:)

Waiting in the car while coon got hoosiered. Hoosiered means when the person talks so long to you, they don't even take a breath they just talk for 290 minutes. 20 minutes but it feels like 290 minutes

Snow a while ago, now its 71 degrees
That's our district. We have the best district in the whole mission its so fun

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