Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9 - Stories

One thing that I just thought about was in church a couple weeks ago during a talk a guy was talking about how the church is attacked. He said "you'll never go and read the newspaper and see a crime someone committed and after they say it was a catholic, or it was a baptist, but everytime a Mormom does something, they get attacked" and today I was talking to a guy named Bill Dudding while we were helping him carry wood and he said "a lot of churches don't believe in gay marriage but the LDS church is the only one who gets attacked"

I got permission from President to go to Geist in Indianapolis and go to Paul George's house! I asked him yesterday!

That's right you just have to plant a seed because some people aren't prepared to hear it yet. But God will prepare them! My companion leaves all the meat on the counter to thaw and the stove was so dirty I cleaned all of it up. And they walked in and said "what?! What got into you?" haha and quick said "sometimes you just have to embrace the filth"

Oh ya and more stuff i'm surprised about is it's not that hard to wake up at 6:30! And it's fun to study for 2 hours! It's fun the 4 of us talk about a lot of interesting things about the church and Elder Quick is really smart so I talk to him a lot. People say to us "you guys think you can become gods?" and they say that we believe in a lot of gods so we find proof in the bible, because they say they believe in the bible, and we find stuff that backs up everything. We get them twisted on their own words they don't even know what they're talking about it's funny haha a couple days ago me, a Zone leader (Elder Lorshe) and my companion knocked on a door and this guy answered and we were talking to him and I said "do you believe there needs to be a prophet on the earth today?" and he said "no, I believe that I can get revelation from God to tell me what to do" and Elder Lorshe said "Yes you can because you're the head of the home and you can know what to do with your family, but the prophet tells us what to do on a global scale, he tells the world what to do." and I said "If God is the same today, yesterday, and forever? And he called prophets and apostles in the Bible, Don't you think that he would call them now?" and the guy says "Ya, I guess so" and we kept on talking and told him we have a prophet on the earth today and his name is Thomas S. Monson and he said "No I don't believe that, but thanks for coming" and closed the door and we just walked away and laughed because we trip people up on their own words. And then this guy said he believed in the Bible and then later he said he doesn't believe in the ten commandments. Hahaha

I missed you guys too! That is exactly what I noticed too. Strength from God is a lot better then strength from weights. I think about you guys all the time! Love you!!! 

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