Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2 - Story

So interesting story, Sister Banks the one we go work for on Thursdays and Saturdays, she told me a lot the other day. She's LDS , she's a member in Beechgrove and has a lot of money. She was in Prison for 20 years and she just got out pretty recently. Her husband was abusive and shot at her twice. He also burned her legs. She can walk though. The first bullet went right above her head and the second time he shot at her he also missed. Her sons got so tired of him being abusive that they Shot their dad with his own gun. She took the blame for her son shooting him and went to Prison for 20 years. Their is a book coming out in January. She has so much money because she's getting paid for all this now. She said she got a 1.2 million dollar check I think.

The reason she likes to help out the missionaries is because she says that God has kept her here for a reason and saved her life twice. So she buys us clothes, she's buying us pants and sweaters for Christmas. She brings us food and drinks all the time. She said she spends 10,000 dollars on missionaries and told us she was going to give is 1500 dollars but we said we wont accept it if she ever offers it. She's funny tho, when we're out working and she's carrying tree branches I try and take them from her and she wont let me she says "one thing I know how to do is work".

Elder Redmond the Elder from Ireland, His favorite car is a Camaro, She is already halfway through buying him his Camaro. So, Jason Fanaika the D- End on Utah, came to Indiana on his mission and was with her a lot. She calls him her son. So, she offered to help this missionary out and buy him a car when he got home from his mission, the missionary asked her for a 60,000 dollar car, she would only offer 20,000. He wouldn't accept it, so this missionary happened to live in Salt Lake City, and Jason Fanaika happens to live in Salt Lake City, so Jason tracked him down and found out he's rich and already has 3 cars. Jason Fanaika told Sister Banks all this and she was so mad. Jason Fanaika is going to buy Sister Banks a house and farm in Provo, when he signs with an Nfl team. Her and Fanaika always talk and he told her 15 Nfl teams have talked to him and the New England Patriots have came to him 5 times in Salt Lake so the Patriots might pick him. Then she told me, I hope you're in Beechgrove next Thanksgiving and Christmas so I can feed you! Haha

Random Stuff:
It's so fun. It's the best mission ever. Me and Elder Quick are shocked because we would have never thought we would be living in the same house sleeping right next to each other, and a year ago we were playing football against each other. 

I get to go to the Indianapolis temple on Saturday

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