Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5 - Stories

So we're not even supposed to use chainsaws and I've never touched one but today Coon was using it and I knew he was gonna cut himself because he was being careless and I was on the other side and all the sudden I see Elder Quick running and he said Clark lets go and I didn't know where we were going and I get in the car and he says "where's the nearest doctors office" and we drive a little down the dirt road and coons laying there on his back and Elder Pittard was holding his leg up and we put him in the back of our car and drove to the IU emergency room and I told the front desk and Quick got him in and we waited about 30 minutes and Coon came out. He had to get 8 staples in his knee.

So yesterday we were tracting in a place called Charmin Estates and they're nicer house and we knocked into this guy that had his own church and wasn't interested so I said to him "You dont wanna be a mormon?!" and then we also met a guy this week. He's a black guy and he is a rapper. His name is Anthony Ventura but he goes by Ace. And when we talked to him he was about to go to Miami, Florida to go maybe get a 100,000$ contract. I connected with him good and we're gonna play basketball with him and he's gonna give us a Cd. And also when we were tracting, I wanted to go knock this really trashy poor Trailer Park, and Quick said it's where all the meth cooks live and it was a miracle the first house we knock on they let us in and we're excited we came. It was a mom and two older boys and they were talking about God right when we knocked on the door and we got a return appointment with them. Everyone in the trailer park thought we were cops, this lady came up to me and said "can you tell me what's going on?" Haha 

So a couple days ago we were talking to this lady named Kathy. She's a Christian and she has her own church. We gave her the whole Restoration lesson and at the end we invited her to read the Book of Mormon. She refused and said "no my church tells us not to read anything else" and we even invited her to pray to know if she should read it and she said no haha. Also this week I've been going up to doors and teaching alone. Coon and Quick go to a house and I go to the house across the street so we're still close. And yesterday night we had a Ward Christmas Social and they asked us to sing last Sunday and Bornes said yes but then he went home so we got stuck singing and we got up to sing Far Far away on Judeas plain and we sang two words and busted out laughing and the ward didn't think it was funny. Hahaha so after that we left.

So the other night I had a headache so I went to bed at 9 and Coon and Quick woke me up at 11 and acted like it was the morning and said lets go play basketball and I couldn't figure why I was still tired and then they said ok we'll go to sleep for 2 hours, we slept for 8 hours and then it was morning. Haha and this is funny, whenever we're trying to teach people about baptism by Priesthood authority and they ask "why doesn't my minister or pastor have authority" and we say "you can go online and get a ministerial certificate in 15 minutes" hahaha. And this lady said "Mormon's aren't Christians, and Quick riddled her with scriptures and she didn't know what to say and so she walked away into this building they were having an auction in. And when Bornes was here we went on exchanges and went to this guys house up in the hills and this guy was starting his own church haha. Out of all the religions here Baptists Lutheran Methodist Penticostal, Christians are the hardest to talk to because they think they're already doing good enough. Love you guys I might get another chance to e-mail you tonight and for sure on Monday!:)

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