Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 6 - Stories

So me and Elder Quick we're out tracting a street and we turn around to go back to the car and Coon was sitting in there because his knee, and we see a cop car stopped at it. And our front headlight is out and 2 people have told us that we need to get it fixed because the cops will pull you over and they like to put you in jail because they make 75 bucks every person. And so we walk up and the cop tells me and quick that he was called because we were looking in peoples windows. So he gets all our information and backup comes a 2nd car hahaha and we talk to them for a minute and they let us go hahaha

So this lady we knocked into while we were tracting a couple weeks ago, Coon had me take this door and she opened and was acting crazy and asking us if we wanted to take her kids. We went back a couple times and she didn't have time for us to give her a lesson, and she smokes, and today me and Elder Quick gave her a lesson and at the end of the lesson she started crying

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