Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14 - Letter

Monday - On Monday we went to South Bend after we e-mailed. We went and had lunch in South Bend and We went to the mall in South Bend, they have a nice mall and we went to Barnes and Noble to look for any good religious books and then we went to GNC! After that we went to the South Bend Stake Center and played basketball. It was me and Elder Taka - He weighed 340 lds and is 6'5 and played full back and he's from the Island Tonga. He's so funny. Me him, Elder Eschler and Elder T. Larson who is the son of Russell Larson all played basketball. I love all 3 of them. After we played basketball we all went back to our apartment in Bremen and showered and got ready because our Branch President was taking us to Christo's, it's a Steakhouse. So we went there, it was so good I got All you can eat Ribs and I had 4 plates and it was the most the waiter had ever seen someone eat and the manager said he once saw this guy eat 5 plates. After Christo's we went to the Culver Elders apartment and we slept there because we had to wake up and go to transfers on Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday - Tuesday we woke up got ready and Brother Timm picked us up. We drove all the way down to Indianapolis to Fishers. It was fun I got to see and talk to a bunch of people. We picked up my new companion and got all his stuff in our car. Elder Gubler's mission is over and he was going home the next day so I said Bye to him. Brother Timm is the nicest guy. He made us Ham and scallop potato sandwiches and made us this whole lunch and drives the missionaries everywhere. His car is called the missionary mobile. On the way back from Fishers I was the Co-pilot, that's what Brother Timm calls me. So on the way back from Fishers we drove through all these small towns in Indiana and it was a bright sunny day it was fun. We got back to Culver and Brother Timm dropped us off at their apartment and we put all of Elder Benson's stuff in our car, we drive a Jeep Compass, I'll take a picture and send it to you and we went and did some Missionary work! We went and saw Melody, who is an investigator and talked to her and introduced Elder Morgan to her. She was outside working on her Chicken coop and then we went and talked to this guy that we've talked to before, and he has read the Book of Mormon and been to Salt Lake and he actually taught Elder Scoville that the reason the roads are so wide in Salt Lake is because Brigham Young wanted to be able to turn the wagons around and not back up. And we talked to him. We then went to Bob's house and the Culver Elders were there and we talked to Bob and introduced him to Elder Benson and talked to him and Bunny. After that all 6 of us, me, Elder Benson, Elder Eschler and Elder Morgan and Sister Ben and Sister Filipovic, went to the Richharts for dinner. Sister Filipovic is the new missionary she's been out like 8 days, she's from Vegas. So we all went to the Richharts, it was sweet we just sat outside and talked to Brother Richhart while he boiled Syrup, he boils gallons of it and has huge buckets full of it! We then went inside and ate. After dinner we drove back to our apartment in Bremen and Elder Benson got all his stuff in and planned for the next day and went to bed. 

Wednesday - On Wednesday morning we had to drive to Plymouth and be at the church at 8 in the morning because our Branch President asked us to because there was gonna be a new refridgerator coming and we needed to let the guys in. We waited for an hour and they never came so President Kelly told us to leave. We went and helped Bob split wood for a couple hours and then he took us to Ponderosa Steakhouse. After that we went and helped some people from the Plymouth Library and did some service for them and helped them move some boxes of books. After that we did some Family History. We then went and dropped off a Book of Mormon to Tim Nemeth who is an investigator and we tried by some other people to see if we could do some service for them. We went to an Elderly guy named Ernest and we helped him put a lightbulb in his driveway lights. We then met Brother Hindsdale at the church and he took us to his house for dinner. After that we drove back to Bremen, got ready for bed and went to bed. 

Thursday - On Thursday we had a very good day. We woke up, got all ready and went out at 10:30 to do missionary work. We went to go see some people and no one really answered. We had 2 miracles happen today. As we were knocking on a potential investigators door, he lives in a apartment on the 2nd floor and I was looking down at a street I'd never tracted. I just thought we needed to tract it. We started tracting it and the 2nd house we knocked a lady answers, she drops the phone call she's having to talk to us, we teach her the Restoration, we invite her on a church tour for Friday, she said she's busy that day so we say Saturday and she says she's busy then too and we say "Will you come to church Sunday?" and she says "Ya how bout I meet you there" and we gave her a Book of Mormon which she was really excited to get. We then kept knocking doors and a car is driving behind us and we wave and we were across the street from his house as he pulled in the driveway. We ask him if we can give him a card and we go give him a Hallejuhah card about Easter and start talking to him. He just moved here from Oregon and doesn't have a church, his brother is Lds and so we taught him the Restoration and got his phone number and we're working with him. We got a lot of potential investigators from tracting this street and there is so many spanish people we've had to use our spanish sentence the 1 sentence we know "My name is Elder Clark and we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ" except in Spanish. We then give them a spanish restoration pamphlet and ask them to read it. This street was in Plymouth that we tracted and these 2 promising investigators live in Plymouth and Brother Timm is moving into a house in there same neighborhood and we're going to have a Block party! Earlier in the day we were tracting in Bremen and we were knocking these doors and a 91 year old guy answered and his wife who was 87 was vacuuming and we went inside and vacummed part of their house for them. After we sat down and taught them. We taught them the Restoration and they didn't know what to do, they weren't very happy that they've been wrong their whole life and they didn't want to change but we got to help them and plant a seed. We knocked more of the street and then went across the street and had to use our spanish some more to talk to a spanish lady and give her a pamphlet. We then met a guy named Patrick, he was nice, he named his kid Anakin Skywalker and was wearing a Star Wars shirt and he listened to us and we taught him the Restoration but he said he didn't want to have a Book of Mormon because he didn't think his Grandma and Grandpa who had passed away, he didn't think they'd be happy with him being Mormon, and so I said "What if they're being taught the same thing?" We set up a return appointment and we're going to go see him tomorrow. We're trying to do a lot of service for people so we're going to be doing a lot of service this week for members and non-members and try and get the member the non-member and us in the same area and help them and teach them the gospel :) As we were walking down this street at the very start we saw a lady walking her dog, we walked and caught up to her and asked if we could give her a card. This was a miracle because we started talking and she told us her friend went to the Indianapolis Temple when the Temple Open house was going on, and went with the missionaries and we asked her who it was and her name is Karen Noble and Elder Palmer had called me a week earlier asking if we were still visiting with Karen, Elder Palmer used to be in Bremen but now he's home from his mission and he called me to find out about her but I'd never met her. This lady though told us Karen Noble moved so later on that day I called Karen, she didn't answer but she called me back on Saturday and said she had been talking to missionaries in Washington where she moved but they stopped coming over to see her and she wants to talk to them so we gave those missionaries a referral and we ended up teaching this lady the Restoration. We got a lot of good work done today.We went to the Reeds for dinner and that was fun. 

Friday - Friday we woke up, got ready, weekly planned, we went to Zone Meeting and that was fun. We have a sweet Zone, Elder Taka, Elder T. Larson, Elder Morgan Elder Eschler Elder Heimuli Elder Benson and me and Elder Mcleod and 10 other missionaries. After Zone meeting we went back to Plymouth and had lunch at this authentic mexican place that's very good that's called Mila's and I got a steak burrito an Pineapple Aloe Vera Water it was so good. After that we went to Tori who is the less active and went and talked to her at her hair salon. We had a good visit with her. We then went and saw Melody and had a very spiritual Plan of Salvation lesson with her on her doorstep and the spirit was strong. At 5:30 we went to the Ogilvie's for dinner. We played basketball with their little kids and Elder Eschler got them Karate chopping sticks haha and we helped them get groceries in and it was fun. Then we had dinner and had pulled pork sandwiches. After Dinner we went and tried by a couple of people and talked to a guy named Bret at the gas station that I've been talking to everytime we go in and I gave him a card. We then met up with the Culver elders and we went back to their house for the night.
Saturday - Saturday we woke up, got all ready and went to the Plymouth Library to look for the Best Two Years and the Prince of Egypt because that's part of the mission movie library of movies we can watch and we got both and then we went to the church for Splits with the members. Me and Elder Benson went out with Brother Mcliver and had good success. Me and Brother Mcliver talked the whole time, I like him a lot, he reminds me of grandpa cause he's very smart and he says Crimany. Haha I'll send a picture with him. We met with Greg Sheaks, his wife is a member, he was smoking when we opened the door but we invited him to Branch Conference. The people that don't answer we leave a note on their door and tell them we stopped by and invite them to Branch conference. We saw Sister Sam, she's a very nice member and we also stopped by a lady named Kelly Hill and invited her and then we went to go see a man named Tony Plotho and we talked to his wife, and they used to go to another church but we had a good visit with her, her husband wasn't home because he was watching basketball but we invited her to Branch conference. After we went on splits we went to a Fish Fry and it was the sweetest thing. It was UNLIMITED FISH AND CHICKEN and we walked around and talked to everyone and gave them a card and invited them to church. It was at a fire station in a small town named Leiters Ford and we got tickets free because the Fire Chief is in our ward. It was fun and I ate SO MUCH food and we taught the people there. After that we went back to the Culver Elders apartment, typed our Progress record(record of our investigators that are progressing) and we called 1/3 of the people on our Ward roster and invited them to Branch Conference and the other elders took 1/3 and the sisters took 1/3 and we called everyone. After that we watched the Best Two Years and then went to bed.

Sunday - Sunday we woke up got ready and went to Branch Council at 8:30. We had Branch Conference and it was a great day at church. We had like 5 investigators at church. Bob's wife made us Banana nut bread and we saved it till night to eat. After church we had a light lunch at the church that the Relief society provided and then we went with the Sisters to visit some people, 1 of them is a guy named Pierce and he's 18 and they can't go in his house so they're transferring him for us to teach him. After visiting people we went to the Harrington's for dinner. They have a nice condominium on the golf course and he owns 6 John Deere places so he goes to Utah all the time. After that we met up with the Culver Elders and went back to their apartment. We did some studies and ate and watched the Prince of Egypt. It was a very fun and busy and very productive week and we're going to have another one this week :) I love you guys so much and miss you so much!

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