Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14 - Pictures

Me and Bob

Boiling syrup. It tastes so good! This is at the Richharts.

Tapping the tree to get all the sap out.

Picture I took of Elder Eschler and Brother Richhart

Me and Elder Eschler

Funny story about this guy, So a while ago me and Elder Scoville knocked on this guys house. No one answered and as we were walking away, there were trucks is his driveway and I wanted to knock on his garage. Elder Scoville said you're gonna knock on his garage? and I said Yep and I did. He let us in, he's very nice guy, he used to have long hair but in this picture he cut it. We taught him the Restoration and showed him a Mormon Message that L. Tom Perry gives about the Restoration and then we gave him a Book of Mormon. It was good to follow that prompting. So a couple weeks later we were driving by his house and I got another prompting and followed it and turned around and went back to his house. We knocked on the garage and he let us in and said "I'll give you your book back" and I said "Why, Did you read it?" and he said "Ya it's been two weeks I read it" and I said "All of it"? and he said "Ya" and we said "What did you think about it? he said "It's good" and we said "Did you pray about it?" and he said "Ya, but I'm not Mormon" and we said "Well is it true?" and he said "Well of course it''s true" and I said "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God?" and he said "No" and we said "Will you come to church on sunday?" and he said "No I gotta work on all this stuff in my shop" and so that's a guy we're working with! Haha
About to go do less active work. On Saturdays we go out from 10-4 on splits with the members and go see less active people

Saturday nights at Culvers house

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