Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 - Letter

On Monday we went to the South Bend Stake Center for the basketball clinic with President Cleveland. It was a lot of fun. I won knockout and I won a 15$ gift card to Wal-Mart. There should be pictures on facebook! After we played basketball for hours, Elder Heimuli gave me a haircut, I love Elder Heimuli. Pictures to come. After the good day with President Cleveland we went back and showered and got ready. We then went to Dennis Stutzman, who is an investigator, he is a headquarters referral and we went to his house. I have pictures to show but he has 30 pet deer and they nibble on your white shirt! We stood in the midst of 30 deer in his backyard. He has a dog and the dog will even kiss them. It was a great night teaching him and his wife. They are ex-amish and they are great people.
Tuesday - Tuesday we had interviews with President. It was a lot of fun. I have to tell you what President told me it's exciting :) After Interviews we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Oh man it was fun. Then we went back to our area and we knocked doors. We had a planned lesson with a guy named Brian, it was great, he actually prayed to know if our church is true. He said "I haven't got an answer yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna get one, it might be tomorrow, or in 3 months. A day to us is 1000 years to God, so it's gonna be at his timing" And then he said "When I die, and God tells me, you should have listened to those boys, I might be condemned for it" I was shocked he said that. He is promising. He loves Notre Dame and he is all about College football and knows a lot about Byu so I was able to talk to him about everything and build a friendship. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was excited to get one.
Wednesday - Wednesday was a great day of knocking doors and trying by former investigators. We had success and taught new people, and they are promising. We went to go see a Former investigator, and talked to his 18 year old nephew instead and had a good restoration lesson with him. It rained all day. It rained all week here. We went to the church and a member brought dinner for us. We then went to the Culver Elders apartment and stayed the night there.
Thursday - Thursday we went out to a place called Bass Lake. There are a bunch of lake houses, it was a miracle, and we must have had inspiration to go there, because as we were knocking doors, no one was answering, because no one is home, since they're all summer lake houses. We knocked on a door, a lady answered and behind her another lady is coming to the door saying, I'm the one you want to talk to. We start talking to her and it turns out she got a Book of Mormon 5 years ago, from what she called our Pastor and said I didn't know how to get a hold of you guys. She wants to come to our church but has no way of getting there and we said "We can get you a ride" So she'll be coming to church soon! She is promising and could be one of the next people to get baptized here. Miracle. We knocked doors in Bass Lake for 3 1/2 hours. We then went back to Culver, knocked doors there and then went to dinner with Dale Hartman. He's the nicest happiest guy and he took us to McDonalds. He is a convert to the church. It was good being with him.
Friday - Friday we had Zone meeting so we went up to the South Bend Stake Center for that. After we went to lunch as a zone. It was a lot of fun. We worked all day and went to a planned lesson, he wasn't there so we taught his other 19 year old nephew and got a return appointment with him. We had dinner at the Ogilvies and it was a fun day.
Saturday - Saturday we went out with a member, his name is Micah Richhart, he's a returned missionary. Very exciting news happened this week, so Sister Padilla, who is a recent convert, her and her whole family were baptized a little more then a year ago, her husband has been in jail for a year and he just got out. We went with Micah and had a great lesson with them. We are teaching him and building a great friendship with him. They've had us over for dinner the past 2 nights. We then went to see the Smiddy's. The Smiddy's live in Walkerton, and have a old farm. Jim Smiddy is not a member and we shared a message with him. Micah took us to Ponderosa, it's an all you can eat restaraunt. Once he dropped us off, we started tracting in Bremen. We found a kid named Austin, Miracles, he said he would be baptized and he would come to church the next day. We found 2 other people on this street, that I was somewhat prompted to knock, I knew we needed too and we found 3 new investigators :)
Sunday - Sunday we had church, we went out working and trying by people. We went out to Dennis Stutzman's later that night and talked to him for about an hour. His neighbor was at his house, we had a very very good lesson/discussion with them and she wanted a Book of Mormon. She said we truly have Jesus with us. Great things are happening!:)

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