Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 - Pictures

The Padillas. Sister Padilla is the one that the missionaries knocked on her door, on New Years eve, last year and they gave her a Book of Mormon, and she set it on her coffee table and wasn't going to read it but as she was watching the news she kept looking down at the Book of Mormon and finally she said "Ok I'll read it" and she knew it was true and felt comfort and knew our church was the place she should be

Me, Elder Taka and Elder Larson

Bald Eagle

Brother Timm joke "Did you know if you sprinkle salt on a Bald Eagle's tail, you can get any feather you want from it?" Us "What why?" Him "Because if you're that close to a bald eagle you can grab any feather you want!"

It snowed here

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