Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25 - Letter

Monday - On Monday we went out to this huge store called Bailey's. It's in North Judson and it's a store that sells stuff really cheap. So stores that have overstock give all the food to Bailey's and Bailey's sells it for like 99 cents. So we went there and got a bunch of good stuff. We then went to the Culver Elders house and watched the Work and the Glory until dinner time and then we got ready and drove to Plymouth to meet Bob and Bunny Schultz for dinner at Ponderosa Steakhouse. After that we went and stayed the night in Culver so we could wake up and do service for Sister Bayne.

Tuesday - Tuesday we went to Sister Bayne's to do service and helped her dig a garden. We dug up all her grass and busted sod and then after she fed us! She reminds me of Grandma :) She had sandwiches and a lunch and for dessert she had fudge. She also had her daughter in law there, that is not a member of our church, she is catholic but we got to talk to her which was good. After that we were covered in dirt so we went to Bremen and showered. On the way back to Bremen there was a metal sign in the middle of this dirt road we were driving on and it scraped the bottom of our car and when we got to Bremen I checked underneath and it was leaking a little bit, and Elder Benson, I don't know what he was thinking, he got a drop on his finger and licked it to see what it was. Haha he said he learned it from his dad, his dad works for the U of U and is a professor for Infectious diseases. Anyways, so we took it to a Goodyear and everything was fine, it was just condensation from the Air conditioner. So then we drove back to Bremen and that took up most of our day.
Wednesday - Wednesday I worked out, ate, shower, studied and then we went to the Bremen Library so I could prepare for the talk I gave yesterday :) We did Family History too and then after we did that we went to go stop by Austin. Austin is a kid that is progressing a lot! I will tell you about him. So 3 weeks ago, Me and Elder Benson were driving through a neighborhood in Bremen and I knew we should tract it. So a day or so later we tracted it and found Austin. He was promising then, and now looking back he's really promising and a miracle to find. We taught him the Restoration, Book of Mormon, he wanted to come to church 2 weeks ago but then backed out last second after we had a ride for him and everything, he wanted to go to his church that served breakfast. Now fast forward to this past Wednesday. So as we were driving to his house we see him walking down the street. We pull over and talk to him and set up a time to come back and talk to him. We went and had lunch and went back to him at 1 o clock. We followed up on the commitment we made with him, and he didn't read Moroni 10. A little disappointing so we re-committed him to read it and he said he'd come to church this Sunday. (I'll explain more when I get to Sunday) Anyways the rest of the day we went out and worked. We went out to the country of Bremen, which is in between Plymouth and Bremen and knocked doors out there. Not a lot of success and the houses are very far apart. I'll send pictures. And we saw a Barn Fire and 3 Fire engines speeding to it. After that we decided to go to Plymouth and work. We visited a less active guy named Richard Hill, and we went to see Sister Sam and share a message with her. We had dinner at the church, Micah Richhart brought it to us and then we went back to Bremen.
Thursday - Thursday we woke up, got ready, and drove to Culver to be with a less active at his coloring class. After that we tracted Culver with them and we did what we call "Blitzing" a place. We had lunch and then decided to go to Plymouth and work which was inspiration that came to one of us because this is what happened. While knocking the Webster apartments we found a guy named Jeff Marvin, he is very promising and he wants to come to church this sunday. We taught him the Restoration. His next door neighbor we taught, had a great lesson with her and she said We could come back. Then we met a guy named Samuel. He was from Ghana Africa and Elder Benson went to Africa before his mission and went to the 2 places that Samuel lived near. So they talked about that. Samuel is the type of person that has been prepared to hear the Gospel. As a little kid he'd go to our church in Africa and his friend gave him a Book of Mormon when he lived in Massachusetts. He remembered the children's story book, Book of Mormon and he said we could come back. It was great. The Culver Elders were knocking in apartments close to us and found 2 new investigators and had a lot of success.
Friday - Friday we went to District Meeting. That was a lot of fun and then the Sisters made us lunch so we had Pulled pork and salad and potato salad for lunch. That was nice of them. We then went to Sister Sam's to help her with yardwork and that was a good time. We changed and went and visited a less active we haven't seen for a while. (Tori the one that works at the hair salon) as we were waiting for her to finish cutting hair we talked to the guy waiting ofr his wife and gave him a card and told him where our church was. After that we tracted until dinner time and we went to the Ogilvie's and had dinner.
Saturday - Saturday we woke up and tracted Culver. We then had lunch and went to Laken's rugby game. Laken just got his mission call to Seoul Korea so we went and supported him. After the game we tracted more around Maxinkuckee lake and taught 2 people. We then went to help a girl named Lizzie set up for Laken's party. Everyone there was Catholic, except for the missionaries and Laken. It was a lot of fun. Mor. Horvath he's a teacher at Culver and he likes Laken a lot and we've gotten to be pretty good friends with him. He is devout Catholic, religiously and traditonally but he comes to our church a lot and even came to our Stake Conference and met President Cleveland and one of the Seventy. He says He is half Mormon, half Catholic, We're converting him :)
Sunday - Sunday I gave a talk in church. It was on the Book of Mormon and D&C 135:6 :) Austin came to church! Ben Richhart gave him a ride and this is what Austin said about it. He said he could see the Holy Ghost in the corner of the chapel, and his knees we're shaking from the spirit, who knows, he might not have but he might be very in tune with the spirit but afterwards I walked up to him and he said "I did what you told me to do and I prayed about it and the Book of Mormon is true, every word in it" We went back later that night and put him on Baptismal date for May 21 :) After church we visited Gary Felix and taught him and his brother the Plan of Salvation. We then went and had dinner with the Padillas. After that is when we saw Austin and after Austin we went to the park with the Culver Elders to go talk to these teenagers and play basketball with them. We played them in basketball and then sat down and had a very good conversation with them. None of them really believed in God, but we made them think, and got there phone number to talk to them again. Very good week :) I love you guys so much!

Elder Bahitshi told us at Stake Conference 2 weeks ago about something that happened to him as a Bishop. When he was called to be a bishop, he was expecting the busy life of a Bishop. The first sunday he walked out of his office and no one was there to talk to him. So he went home and said to his wife "it's not that hard to be a Bishop" The next week, the same thing happened and he was trying to figure out ways he could serve. As he was trying out of the church parking lot, a person came to his mind. He drove to the house, and the dad of the boy said "i'm so glad you came today, my boy is sick" Elder Bahitshi is a physician and knew what this boy was sick with and asked if he'd talked to a doctor about it. The boy said yes and the doctor he talked to was Elder Bahitshi's friends. The boy wasn't going to be able to see the doctor for a week and the boy was severely sick, the doctor didn't have time to see him because he was busy. Elder Bahitshi called and said "Is there anyway you can get him in any earlier, like Wednesday morning at 8" and the doctor said "Yes" the boy went there and the doctor found out the boy was sick with something Toxic and would have died if he waited another 48 hours

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