Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2 - Letter

Monday - Monday after we e-mailed we got lunch and the Culver Elders and us went to the church and looked through Church books a lady gave to the church. We took a little nap in the car and got rest for P-day and then we went and helped the Harrington's move. The Harrington's are members and yesterday was there last sunday. He lives on a golf course so after we helped him move he took us on his golfcart around all 18 holes of the golfcourse. He then took us to dinner at a place called Bourbon St. Pizza. It was a good day!

Tuesday - Tuesday we did our morning routine, and then went and tracted at 10 30 till 12. We then organized all our investigators on paper and had lunch. We drove to Plymouth and stopped by potential investigators and visited investigators. We had dinner with Sister Sherwood at the church. Me and Elder Benson then changed and left so we could go help the Harringtons move some more. The Culver Elders stayed and had a Bible Study with Sister Sherwood, they are doing a Bible Study every Tuesday and inviting Recent Converts, Less Actives and Investigators and Members to come. That should be good. 
Wednesday - Wednesday we did Family History in the morning, and then had lunch. We went and visited Austin and had a good lesson with him, we talked to him about Understanding his Baptismal promise, Faith and Sincere Repentance, Prophets and that was good. Worked the rest of the day. Visited the Reed's and shared a lesson about how Life is a game of football. I think I've told you that one right? I'll send you the talk if I didn't :)
Thursday - Thursday at 11 we went to Sister Sam's and sat in with her husband Brother Sam, who is always in bed and needs someone there, so we sat in with him so she could go to a doctors appointment in Valparaiso. She had sandwiches for us to eat, and we read church magazines. She got home so we left and went out to work. We worked all day and then later that night we went to a members lacrosse game. The family then had us over for dinner.
Friday - Friday we drove to Zone Meeting at the South Bend Chapel. We talked about the vision we wanted to happen this transfer and about 60 Miracles in 60 days. We went to lunch at the University Park Mall as a Zone. After we left the Mall the Culver Elders came with us back to Bremen. They did studies while me and Elder Benson went out and visited people. The first person we went to was Austin. Went over the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. He said he feels a lot of joy since talking to us. He said he knows our church is the only true church, and the other church he went to had a flaw because they ddin't have the Book of Mormon. He said he wants to take the Book of Mormon to his other church, and I think show the pastor, so I told him too. Haha and he said "If they disgrace the Book of Mormon, I'm never going back, I'm joining your church" He's progressing well in the Gospel :) We stopped by a less active and investigator and then met up with the Culver Elders and went to Sister Padillas to see there family. She has blood clots so we sat and talked to her and Luis and shared a message with them. We walked there and back because we had no miles so on the way home we stopped at a Grocery store called Woodies and me and Elder Eschler bought Turkey burgers and went home and ate those for dinner. The Culver Elders stayed over with us so we could go do service for a members friend the next morning.

Saturday - Saturday we woke up and went and helped the Richharts neighbor. It was perfect because we were doing service, for a non-member and a member was there. We moved a bunch of heavy things she couldn't lift and tore up her carpet. She then fed us after and we shared a message with her. We then hustled to the church and changed into nice clothes so we could go out with the members to go see less actives. We went out for about 3 hours with Brother Nielsen visiting people and then we went back to the church and met up with the Culver Elders and went to Culver with them. We typed our Progress report at their apartment.
Sunday - Sunday we had church, then we had correlation meeting, and then we went to Brother Timms because he was going to feed us, but he's moving into his house and doesn't have anywhere to sit so he just gave us some Italian beef and we left. We went to go see a guy named Jeff Marvin. He's a promising investigator and we're hopefully going to commit him to baptism this week.
 Another great week and looking forward to another one this week. I forgot to take pictures last week so this week I'll take a lot! I love you guys so much and miss you!

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