Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4 - Letter

Monday - Monday we went to Ancilla College. It's a Catholic College and it's where the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ are. I guess they won some court thing against Obama recently. Before we went to Ancilla College we went to Rise n Roll in Mishawaka, it's the Amish bakery and it is so good. I got a Cinnamon Roll and milk. We had a good preparation day and had a lot of fun. The Culver Elders slept at our place so we could go do service for a non-member the next day.
Tuesday - Tuesday we went to Jim Smiddy's. He lives in Walkerton and has a huge farm and a barn. His wife is a member, he is not. He is a very nice guy, he served in Wars, and is about 60 years old. Kinda funny story about him is one time Elder Morgan and Elder Eschler went with our Branch President, President Kelly, to go see the Smiddy's and Jim was talking to them and swishing Whiskey in his mouth and then spitting it out. It's because his tooth was hurting or something but we'll get him off of that. His religion is Mennonite, it's a break off of Amish. We cleaned out a whole part of his barn and layed a wood floor for him! It was a lot of fun. He fed us after and we sat outside and ate, he gave us fresh farm milk, it was only a day old! It was delicious. After that we drove back to Bremen and showered and got ready for dinner with the Richharts. We went to the Richharts and had dinner, and talked to them for quite a while that Tuesday night and it was fun.
Wednesday - Wednesday was another service day all day. We went to the museum in Plymouth because they called and said they needed us. We went there for about 2 hours and what we did was make sure everything went smoothly and entertained the kids. They were having a lot of kids come in because it was spring break and we had to let the kids throw snow balls at our face, through this wood cut out. After that we went out to Dale Hartman's farm and helped him with that. We helped him clean it up and made huge piles of branches and got roots out of the ground with his tractor. It started to rain, and there was lightning and thunder and so we decided to stop. After that we drove to Culver, to the Culver Elders house and showered and got ready. Brother Timm picked us up and took us to Knox, a town that he lives in. He fed us at his house and then he took us to his neighbor who needed a blessing. She was going to have surgery the next day and was nervous. We gave her a blessing and shared a message with her. I have something neat to tell you about it in a minute :) After that Brother Timm drove us back to the Culver Elders house and we stayed the night there.
Thursday - Thursday we woke up, went to this coloring class that we go to. It's a less active that does it and we go to make his class seem bigger, and we talk to the people there. We were explaining our church and explaining how we have no paid ministry. This lady said "I might become a Mormon" She is Catholic and said "Once a Catholic always a Catholic" (Even if they're wrong) and she said "But I might become Mormon, and be a rebel" meaning Rebel against the Catholic church. After that we started tracting on knocking doors in Culver and had a neat experience. So there is barely anyone in Culver right now because it's more of a Summer vacation spot, and people from Chicago and Indy go there and so the town will be crowded pretty soon, but not yet. So we were knocking doors and no one was answering, but we said "We're gonna be exactly diligent and knock every door" and that's when we knocked into Brian Poll. It was a miracle. He looked at us though his door and smiled and invited us right in. We started talking to him and found out he is not a member, but he has 2 uncles who are Mormon and they live in Provo, and he was just in Provo with one of them. Brian goes to Grace United Church, because he has friends that go there, and his kids have friends that go there but we taught him the Restoration and he said we can come back :) It was a great fun day of tracting and we talked to this lady, she was walking her dogs and we stopped her and started to teach her and got into a disagreement because she believes in the Trinity. Haha that was fun. It started to pour raining, and we went back to Culvers house and started to Weekly Plan. As we were Weekly Planning, Thunder shook our house so hard, a plate fell of the counter and shattered. We had to stop for a second and wondered if it was an earthquake. It was sweet. We then went to dinner at the Mclivers and that was great :) We had a long discussion with him about interesting things about the Book of Mormon and the gospel, he reminds me of Grandpa :)
Friday - Friday we had District Meeting and I gave a training, Elder Morgan asked me to do it on Health, and getting enough sleep and rest, and that was fun. I committed them all to do 1 healthy things a day, So go on a run for 30 minutes, eat 3 fruits, drink apple cider vinegar haha, drink 8 glasses of water, drink a gallon of water, drink cranberry juice, and we have to do 1 of those things every day. And then we're going to have a smoothie day. After District meeting we had lunch and then me and Elder Morgan went to tract Bremen. Elder Morgan came with me for exchanges. We had a lot of success. We talked to a guy who was into Notre Dame recruiting and was one of the reporters, and dad told me a couple weeks ago about a Notre Dame tight end who transferred and that helped a lot because then I could talk to this guy about it. We taught him and got a return appointment. It was a great day of work. We met a person named Jessica and taught her the Restoration and then challenged her to be baptized, and she said she'll think about it and so we said pray to know :) So hopefully she does because the answer will be yes. We worked all day and then at night we went to Sister Padilla's to help her. Her husband is in jail and she's having all kinds of problems and so we talked to her and did her dishes for her. 
Saturday - Saturday I fasted for General Conference. President Cleveland committed the mission to fast before April 3 to have an increase in Faith and to find a prepared family. We went to the church and watched General Conference :) It was great and I ended my fast in between sessions and the Hindsdales fed us. We went and did Family History in between sessions too. At 6 o clock we had coordination meeting with the Branch President and then we ate again before Priesthood. It was a great day I loved it.
Sunday - Sunday we woke up, got ready showered ate and I did work in the Area Book. The Area Book is one of Recorded Books of Heaven, that's what Elder Morgan says. It has all the former investigators, progressing investigators, potential investigators, it has a lot of things we need to know in it and so I just updated it. Then we went to the church for General Conference. In between the sessions the Hindsdales fed us again and we went out tracting and had a great 45 minute tracting session. We taught 3 people! After General Conference we went to Lake of the Woods and "blitzed" it with the other Elders. I had deja vu and we found someone who is prepared :) We taught her the Restoration and Book of Mormon, and gave her a Book of Mormon and she took Elder Benson's daily planner and wrote her number in it so we can call her to come teach her again :) It was a sunny day, and we were right outside a lake knocking houses, and we found this lady. It was sweet. After that we went back to our apartment in Bremen and ate dinner and that was our day :) Today we're going to play basketball with President Cleveland! It's called March Madness Clinic and we're going to South Bend to play basketball with him and two zones will be there and Elder Heimuli is cutting my hair. I love you guys so much!!!!!

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