Monday, August 1, 2016

Aug 1 - Letter

Monday - Monday was basketball all day and some volleyball and soccer. We did go to the Columbian Park in Lafayette though which was fun, they had a zoo there. We also went to Moe's Southwestern Grill which is really good.

Tuesday - Tuesday I studied 3 Nephi 11 because we had an appointment with a Recent convert and I committed her to read it so we could talk about it and it ended up going really well. She is learning a lot and likes to learn. We went to the YMCA and helped them, we mowed there lawn, they had a sand volleyball court that had grass that was like 4 feet high growing in it so he asked me if I could mow it and then he told me we had to use a riding mower and I don't know if we're necessarily supposed to use those, I asked and some missionaries say yes, some say no, but It was a spirit of the law kind of thing I didn't want to tell him no so I did that service for them and then after that we went to the Salvation Army and helped them with some things around their building until 4 when we had an appointment with Chrystal Heath. We talked about 3 Nephi 11 and we had one of the best discussions we've had with her. She wants her 12 year old Marcos to come to church with her and he doesn't usually want to but he came this sunday! After that we went to the Bewleys who are members that live in Lebanon and we had dinner with them, during dinner we got a call from a lady named Osires and she wanted to buy us food from a Mexican restaraunt. She's the one that's a member in Florida and her daughter went on a mission to Las Vegas and so we went and met her family there and they bought us Aloe Vera drinks and a huge burrito! 
Wednesday - Wednesday we went to the Tpa park and gave one of their goats a bath, they got it the day before and it was dirty and they wanted us to clean it so we did that, we fed some Lemurs, and then Sister Cunningham the member we work with there bought us lunch! She's very nice. We then went to the Salvation Army and they asked us to mow their lawn to so we did that and  while Elder Woolsey was mowing it he was going in circles and the grass wasn't being cut and he couldn't figure out why and I was in the corner just laughing haha so I showed him how to turn the blade on and we also helped them organize some things and get some donations. As soon as we got back and showered we got a call from the Roberts and they asked us if we could go help them clean out the library and the kitchen at the Frankfort chapel so they picked us up and we went with them and we had to take everything from the Frankfort chapel to the Lebanon Chapel so we were busy doing that all night and so Wednesday turned into an all service day. I miss tracting and proselyting haha I think it's fun. Hopefully we get to do that a lot this week. The Roberts bought us dinner and then they took us back to our apartment. On Wednesday we got fed every single meal from members, pretty sweet.
Thursday - We took our laundry to Sister Bergendorf and then we went to the Square in Frankfort and went to go help them set up for the Hot dog Festival. We went to this Dog park and got all these dog show toys and loaded them on this truck and then took them to the Square in downtown Frankfort and helped them set it up, we got a picture taken and me and Elder Woolsey we're on the front page of the paper, you can barely see us but I'll send it to you guys. After we helped with that we went and helped at the Library, they had Elder Woolsey clean some shelves and I went through the 1929 yearbooks and sorted them to different places. We then went and helped again at the Salvation Army with stuff around the building. They treat us very well and the manager is so nice we're going to try and start teaching her, one of these days we're going to ask her, some members that volunteer there really want to convert her so that's the goal :) We had dinner with the Bracketts and a less active member they brought and fed who is usually alone so that was very good of them. This visit with Joe Calloway was one of the funniest ones we've had. He doesn't like when people preach to him, he likes to just talk to us but we have to find little ways to teach him.
Friday - Friday we had District meeting, I made a goal to pick a Christlike Attribute and work on one each week. After District meeting we had lunch and the Lafayette Elders stayed with us until 4 when they went and helped someone move. We went to dinner with the Barrs who are in Lebanon and had a great dinner with them. The Kokomo Elders drove to Frankfort and me and Elder Woolsey met up with them, they wanted to go to the Hot dog festival so we went to that and Personal contacted people and also talked to some interesting people, 1 guy was selling Cigar box guitars and me and Elder Reece took a picture with him, I'll send it to you when I get it from Elder Reece. 

Saturday - Saturday we woke up and went and helped at the Frankfort Library. After we got done helping there with chaperoning the movies me and Elder Reece changed into tracting clothes and tracted. We both like to tract so we went and we talked to the Methodist Minister for the Methodist Church and everyone we talked to on this street was Methodist. We also visited and investigator named Gloria Laverden and we invited her to church and read a scripture and committed her to read the Book of Mormon. We then tried to go visit some more people who didn't answer, we knocked on 3 doors and none of them answered so their was one door and we knew people were home because we just saw them so Elder Reece is like "We're going right there" this girl answers the door and she's like "What?" and Elder Reece says "Can we share a message about Jesus Christ with you and your mom?" so we walk in and there are cigarette's everywhere and she was on a ventilator, I really wish she would have accepted our message and we could help her stop smoking but we taught her the whole restoration and invited her to pray about it and she said she wanted to stick with her church. We went to dinner at this authentic mexican restaraunt which was a lot of fun, and we went to the Hot dog festival and me and Elder Reece bought some Indiana flags and then Elder Reece and Elder Baldwin left and went back to Kokomo so me and Elder Woolsey went and visited the Thurmans. So I send these texts out everyday that are scriptures from the Book of Mormon and spiritual thoughts and I send them in a group message to investigators and less actives and so Cindi Thurman opens the door and she's like "I promise I haven't been ignoring your texts, my phone is broke" and I told her "Haha It's okay" and we told her we just wanted to read a scripture with her, invite her to church, we asked her if she kept her commitment on reading the Book of Mormon and she hadn't she said she was so busy, but we uplifted her and she was happy we came. She actually started crying in front of us which surprised us both. We then went and saw Angela Colby who is a member but her husband and kids are not, she wants her husband to be Mormon but said she doesn't think he ever will be, but we know better :) we had a great spiritual thought with them and encouraged them to have family home evening and we taught the daughters about baptism. She gave us green tomatoes so we can make fried green tomatoes and also zucchini and cucumbers. 
Sunday - We had a great day at church, something very cool. So the 3 speakers in Sacrament were, 1. Brother Pruitt - He was baptized 4 weeks ago and just got the aaronic priesthood, he comes from a baptist and Jehovah witness family but the missionaries found him :) 2. Sister Stearman - she was a member of the 7th day Adventist church and worked for 4 ministers in there church in Chicago, she was pretty high up but then the Washington Temple was built and she had all these questions about it and met with the missionaries and now she's been a member for a while. 3 Brother Bewley - Was a less active member who had gotten into alcohol and drugs and his life was going downhill, him and his wife had tried everything to help and then they said the 1 thing we haven't tried is turning to the Lord so they prayed and 2 days later missionaries came knocking at their door and at first Brother Bewley didn't want anything to do with the church, but the missionaries weren't there for that, they asked him if he would help with scouting because he was very good at it and Brother Crockett who is now the Bishop was the Scout Master and had no idea what he was doing, So Brother Crockett prayed for help, Brother Bewley started doing scouts which got him coming back to church and now all three are active, Brother Bewley is the Elders Quorum President and all 3 gave talks yesterday. In the 2nd hour we had probably 15 people in our Gospel Principles which is the most I've had on my mission, it was a lot of fun I like the Lebanon Ward a lot. We then had a combined 5th sunday lesson and Bishop Crockett gave a great lesson and showed some church videos, 1 of them called "I was a Stranger" it was very good. It was a great sunday and a great week. I love you guys and miss you so much!!! -Elder Clark

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