Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5 - Letter

Monday - On Monday we went to the campus of Purdue and we did a fountain run as a whole zone, they have these huge fountains, we got soaked, Elder Woolsey climbed on top of this huge fountain and he got water up it nose, and it made him sick, he gets a little allergic to chlorine so he woke up not feeling to good the next day. Except he used to be a swimmer and he's allergic to chlorine so he's used to it. We went to the institute and played ping pong and foosball, then we headed back to Frankfort but the Zone leaders said I could pick up some weights from them so I stopped at their apartment and got weights :)
Tuesday - Tuesday morning the Zone Leaders picked us up to go to transfer meeting, although we weren't getting transferred we both had to go to pick up some things, Elder Woolsey had a package at the mission office, I had a Temple pin and a doctors appt. I saw Joe Horvath from Culver! He's the devout catholic guy, but he gave the missionaries a ride from South Bend to Fishers which is like 3 hours, so I talked to him for a while. He says he's half mormon half catholic :) I got to talk to Elder Coon again, Elder Quick, a lot of people, it was a lot of fun. After transfers we went out to eat. I talked a lot to Elder Redmond, his mom is the one that is best friends with Alex Sharp from Celtic Woman. They're in the same ward as her in Ireland. After that we went back to Frankfort, we went over to Sister Cunninghams and mowed her lawn, she is always feeding us and so we decided we needed to serve her! We then went to Sister Hazeltons, we helped her take her trash out and shared a spiritual thought with her. She calls us weekly and asks us to come over because she likes to talk to us.
Wednesday - In the morning we helped at the TPA Park, we mowed their lawn for them, we tracted and we visited McCauley Gunyon, she is not a member and she wants to be sealed to her family and we're trying to help her come to church and keep the simple commitments. She is progressing slowly but surely! We had dinner with the Cunninghams that night, Elder Woolsey had a stuffy nose so Sis. Cunningham offered him some nasal spray and he's like "Has it been used?" and she got mad that he even thought she would offer him used nasal spray hahah so he uses it and he's like " Clark, does your nasal spray feel like soda going up your nose?" I'm like no and he said it's way to strong, but it made his nose clear, and then later that night we're sitting in the car, he uses it again and I said "That stuff smells strong" and he's like "I can't even smell it, what does it smell like?" I said "Cinnamon" and he sprays some on his arm and he says "I can't smell anything! Describe what it smells like" So I said kinda like mouthwash" and so he's like "Hold on, I better not have lost my sense of smell" hahaha so he sprays old spice spray on his arm and couldn't smell it so he starts freaking out and I thought he was kidding I was laughing so hard.
Thursday - Thursday morning we drove to Lebanon and got our haircut, Brother Tupuola cut our hair, he's good at it! He took us out to lunch after. After that the Salvation Army called and asked if we could help them with some things, so we went out with Gene to Rossville (a small town) and picked up a bunch of things from an antique store that was going out of business, we helped them all day, and then the library wanted us to help them so we helped out there, and by the time we got done with all that, it took up most of our day!
Friday - Friday we had District meeting, we helped unload a huge truck during the middle of it and after District meeting we went out to lunch. From there we were on exchanges and me and Elder Lords went to Purdue! We first went to the Institute because there was an investigator that was going to meet us there and we were going to give him a Book of Mormon, but he didn't show, so we went out and tried contacting referrals in a small town close to Lafayette called Battleground. After that we came back to Purdue and walked around campus and Personal contacted people, we met an asian guy, and we taught him about the Book of Mormon, we had a very good discussion, and he wants to learn more! While we were walking around campus there is a YSA member that came up and talked to us, so it turns out she is a student at Purdue but she was in Bountiful for a year for an internship and she worked with Michelle Hock! She took us out to a Mexican restaraunt called Fiesta. We got back to the apartment and within 5 minutes I fell asleep, I was so tired!
Saturday - Saturday we woke up at 5:30 and got ready and headed to Kokomo for a full day of work! The church does it right, they had so many donuts and milk and chocolate milk, I didn't eat any of the donuts, just drank a bunch of Chocolate milk! 80 people showed up and after all of that they still had gallons and gallons of milk and they let us take some home. It was a good day, we broke up into huge groups and the group me and Elder Lords went with went to a Less active member in Kokomo. His whole roof was off his house. We then helped the Methodist Church, the Stake President said "I need this group of you guys to hop in the back of the truck, we need to go help the Methodist Church" and I said "They need all the help they can get" hahaha and then Elder Reece laughed and tried getting me in trouble by saying the 7th article of faith to me and saying I need to respect all religions :) Ya that is true haha it was funny.

Sunday - Sunday was a great day at church. They asked us to come in the primary, they were giving a lesson on Missionaries so they asked me to bring a white shirt and we got to be in Primary all day. Hahaha it was so funny what the kids were saying. I should have wrote it down, I'm trying to remember it all. After church we did not have a ride home, and Sister Brackett was the only one able to give us a ride and Sister Stearman was gonna ride with us too, and we're not supposed to ride with Sisters and Brother Brackett said "The Ox is in the meyer" and we had to be at Aj and John Roberts to help them move and so he said "We have to use the ox in the meyer to get to the other ox in the meyer" hahaha so we spent all day helping them move from 2:30 to 9. It was a productive great week! I love you so much! 

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