Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12 - Letter

So this week we gave more blessings then I ever have before. We gave 6 in 3 days. A lot of people needed and asked us to give them one, we had neat experiences and the spirit was strong! We also did not take any breaks this week, it was crazy! 1 day we left our apartment at 11 and didn't get home till 9:45 at night. So let's see, On Monday we played some basketball, went around looking at the Bookstores at Purdue, and we went and spent some time with a member and her son that's not a member. We've gotten to be pretty good friends with him, he's 15 and he's a wrestle. He's been coming to church and we always sit by him. His mom Aj, is a convert of 2 years, from the Catholic church. She actually used to teach anti against our church and now is a strong member!  

On Tuesday we mowed Sister Cunninghams lawn, then mowed another members lawn, and then helped unload a food truck to the Salvation Army. I was talking to Beaver Myers, he says that me and Elder Woolsey get put to work more then any other missionaries that he's seen. We always are getting called and texted to do stuff, which is good! But I wish we got more time to Proselyte and tract. We got to figure out a way to do both! We usually help people out a lot and do service in the mornings, because I guess it's not very effective to tract in the mornings and then the reason we usually don't get lunch breaks is because we come home and have to shower and get ready to go visit people or tract and things like that. So in the middle of helping everyone out, we got a text from Sister Stearman and she asked if we could give her friend Marie a blessing, Marie is a non-member that is interested in the church and so we went over to Marie's, the Roberts and Sister Stearman had just got done at the Bishops Storehouse and they brought Marie food and things she needed, we gave her a blessing and her daughter watched and started crying and she wanted a blessing, I'm sure she felt the spirit :) So we gave her daughter a blessing and then once we left Marie's we had to shower and get ready and we drove to Lebanon because the Lebanon Sister Missionaries asked us if we could give one of there investigators a blessing. Their investigators name is DeAmber, we showed her a Mormon Message, it was Sanctify Yourselves and we told her how powerful blessings can be, and she can be helped in whatever her need may be. She told us she kept going back and forth between believing it's true and thinking it's not. Good thing is she now told the Sisters that she knows it's true :) She is going to be baptized on October 8! Once we finished the blessing we went to this candy shop in downtown Lebanon and I got some dark chocolate peanuts and almonds :) We then went to Steve and Marty's house, they are recent converts of a year and there son was the one that just got baptized. We hadn't been over to there house yet so we decided we should go visit them! We had a great visit with them, Steve told us how he read the Doctrine and Covenants for an hour and a half in the morning and they told us about their conversion story. So Marty is the wife and she was interested in the church, and so the missionaries would go over there but Steve did not want to listen or anything and so Marty told them "If I'm on the porch then come talk to me" and so they kept knocking on the door like 6 times they did, and Marty wouldn't be home and Steve was sick, and so Steve said everytime they'd knock on the door and make him get out of his chair he'd be mad, and he'd get more and more mad as he'd walk to the door and then he'd yell at them and tell the missionaries to get off his porch, but then he started listening in on the lessons and now they are both endowed and sealed :) It was a great day.

On Wednesday we helped out at the TPA park again, we had a day of visiting people, Beaver Myers gave me a dozen of free eggs, he's a nice guy, we were trying to visit Mickie Click, and he wasn't at his apartment so we went to McDonalds because that's usually where he is and while we were there this guy started talking to us. He was asking us all kinds of questions, and we answered them and he didn't argue, it was on the verge of bashing but we kept it right on the middle haha it was hilarious though he's like "Do you have your bible on you?" and I'm like "No I don"t" and he's like "Oh really, I have my bible with me wherever I go" and I'm like "Oh I guess you're better then me" hahaha. That night we had dinner at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and we went with Sister Stearman and she brought her friend Marie, it was an all you can eat Catfish dinner, it was pretty good!  

On Thursday we went with Gene, the man from the Salvation Army, they texted us and asked us if we could help pick up a washer and dryer for them and move it, so we helped with that, and the guy that we picked it up from was Catholic but he had been to Park City and Temple Square and he was a nice guy and said "I wish other churches sent out missionaries like you guys do, and have them do what you do" but they can't, they aren't the true church. But he told us thanks for all we do. We also helped out at the Library. Sister Hazelton us and asked us if we could visit her and take out her trash, so we did that and she gave us Apple pie, there is no turning down her for sugar haha so I eat it :) she said there was Coriander in it, a healthy spice. That night we had dinner at the Roberts, and we invited the Colby's over for dinner with them. Angela Colby is a member, but her husband isn't and we had a great dinner with them, they both had a lot of questions about baptisms for the dead, we ended up being there from 5-8!  

Friday - Friday we had District meeting in Kokomo, the church was being used so we had our meeting outside! It was pretty fun. When we got back to Frankfort, Sis. Stearman texted us and asked us if we could come to Rural King, it's a country store here haha but there was a guy that we met at the VFW a couple days earlier that wanted to see us and talked to us. So we went and talked to him and then he asked us if he could take us to get a sandwich later in the day. Sister Stearman also introduced us to another guy, and the guy didn't have a car and was buying cat food so we drove his cat food to his house and he rode his bike home, so we got to help him out, we then went to John and AJ Roberts and helped them fix a couple things on their fence, and then Jim Selph the guy that wanted to take us out for a sandwich called us and we went and spent some time with him. We then went and helped Allysce Barker and did some service for her, she wanted us to replace some fabric on her chairs and she couldn't do it because she broke her hand a while back, so we helped her and then right after that we went to dinner with the Bracketts. It was a busy day. So on Friday night it was 10 at night and I was taking a shower, and Elder Woolsey comes banging on the door and said "The Tornado Sirens are going off, get out of the shower!" so I got and threw on clothes and we ran downstairs to the lobby, because were on the 3rd floor, no tornadoes touched down to close to us, but we were up late because of that. And we kept getting a bunch of texts about tornado warnings.

And then Saturday it was raining like crazy and Edith at the Salvation Army asked if we could go help them, so we helped them a bunch, she bought us some Subway sandwiches and then at 4 we had dinner with AJ. We had grilled chicken and I grilled the chicken haha! She was busy cooking other stuff, Elder Woolsey was helping her husband John with Plumbing and so they asked me too, I'd never grilled chicken before on an actual grill, but they said I did a good job! It was pretty good chicken :) We ended up helping them the rest of the day, moving a washer and dryer for them and helping them with plumbing.  

Sunday we had to wake up at 5:30, we got to church at 7 and had our meetings, had a great day at church. Zeke came to church and we sat by him. After church we had lunch with the Campbells. I'm going to take pictures with all of them so you know what they look like! We were so tired when we got home, it was 3 o clock and we needed a little nap so we took it during our dinner break, I set an alarm for 4 o clock and, we did not wake up till 8:30, hahaha I was kind of mad, but then I realized we had not took 1 break all week, and we're supposed to take three 1 hour breaks every day, so it made up for that. We were so exhausted hahaha. I've never been so busy in my entire mission! I love you guys so much and miss you!

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