Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 4 - Letter

So this week Elder Chapple got very dehydrated. I almost took him to the hospital! He woke up in the middle of the night and was stumbling into things and couldn't walk straight, he actually laid in the back seat of the car while I drove us to a dinner. He was very out of it. He borrowed a cane from Brother Merrill, Elder Chapple was not looking good. On Saturday morning I was with Elder Hurst on an exchange when I got the call from President Carlson that I'd be going Zone Leader with Elder Abhau, but I'm still in the Eagle Creek ward. I just moved a few miles away. Our Zone is the biggest Zone in the mission, we have a lot of spanish missionaries in it, and we'll be able to go on exchanges with them. On Saturday, there were 7 baptisms in this zone. I also now have a laundry machine in my apartment, we have a very nice apartment and Elder Abhau is very good at keeping it clean, which is a change from other companions :) Elder Abhau went to Byu for a little bit before his mission, he's from Rolesville, North Carolina. Also, this week we ate 2 different african meals! They were delicious! One of our investigators made it for us. We also brought Brother Akingbasote who is a member from Nigeria, who went on his mission to Nigeria, to a lesson with us and 3 people from Africa were there that we taught. They all came to church! This week we gave a blessing to Mark because he had chemical burns from Hydrogen. He will get baptized one day, he just has to overcome some addictions and live the Word of Wisdom! The investigator me and Elder Abhau are now teaching, has been taught every lesson, but she just can't stop smoking. She had us over for dinner last week, all 4 of us, and she's having me and Elder Abhau over on Saturday for my birthday and she'll always ask me what I want. We are having Enchiladas and rice pudding :) She wrote all 4 of us a prayer, and it's pretty much like a patriarchal blessing, without the priesthood and without a patriarch. I love you guys! This letter is short, I'll send a lot more pictures next week :) Me and Elder Abhau are going to tear it up, and I'll tell you guys all about it! And by tear it up, I mean missionary work.. A lot of missionaries out here keep tearing there pants because they're gaining weight.. hahaha Love you guys so much!

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