Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

On Monday we had a Multi Zone Conference at the church building in Greenwood, it was a lot of fun! We do one every transfer. After P-day was over I let Elder Chapple drive.. uh oh that was a bad idea. So we have these black boxes on our cars that monitor our speeds and it makes sure we don't drive aggressive and go to fast, so we're on the freeway and Elder Chapple is speeding, and it's me, Elder Richards and Elder Hauck in the car and I was wondering how he was going so fast until I look over and the black box is unplugged hahaha! That night me and Elder Richards we're on an exchanges and we went over to this Liberian members house and they made us Liberian food, something called Palm butter and it's White Rice with a stew type thing on top and the meat is Finch (yes the bird) it was pretty good though! 
This week was very productive. Last we checked Sheila had not smoked for 36 hours, making progress! We had interviews this week with President Carlson and I asked if I could do language study and study Yoruba and he said "Of course, anything to further the work!" so now I get to do 30 minutes of language study a day.
 This week I was with Elder Cox a spanish missionary on the East Side of Indy and we had a good exchange :) We went to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Downtown and then had a lesson with Mario who is getting baptized on March 25, he speaks No english so I would say something or teach him something and Elder Cox would translate for me. We also taught him how he would be baptized and I role played it with him. The next morning we ran 40 yard dashes for a workout and went on a jog. They live in a pretty cool area of Indianapolis, it's in a little suburb called Irvington. During our exchange Elder Cox wanted me to pick a less active member to go by on the Ward Directory, since I wouldn't know the person and it would be a prompting from the spirit on who we decided to go by. So we picked one and went by, and he didn't have time/didn't want to talk to us. So instead we started knocking the apartments and had a miracle! We knocked on the door, he answered, we introduced ourselves and asked him his name, and he said "It depends on who's asking?" haha the funny thing is, a lot of the Spanish people think that we're Immigration when we knock on the door and we're in White shirts and ties haha but it turned out to be a great discussion with this guy. We talked about living righteously and he brought up living in the world and not of the world and we told him that's exactly what we believe and we taught him all about the Book of Mormon and about Lehi and his family and he was excited about it and wanted to come to church! We knew that was the reason we went to this less active, not for the less active but it led us to this guy. The guy told us he was about to leave in 2 minutes to go look for a job, and we showed up. 
After that we went over to Marc's house, he just got baptized a few weeks ago, he's 16, we taught him a lesson on making the right decision and showed him the Mormon message "Staying within the lines". After that we went over to the Bello's for a birthday party and dinner for their little girl, we got unlimited AUTHENTIC Mexican tacos! Me and Elder Cox couldn't eat anymore! Crazy connection too, so Hermano Bello is a convert to the church and has been for 9 years, 2 and a half years ago he was living in New Jersey, I asked him if he knew and Elder Hoyt and he did, it was crazy, he pulled up pictures of Kurt Hoyt and said "Yeah I love this kid" Kurt Hoyt would go over to his house in New Jersey when he lived there!
Saturday morning we helped this member move. While we were there moving, Elder Chapple and Hauck were trying to find the house we were at. They called us a bunch and said "Where are you guys at? We're here." But we kept telling them they were at the wrong house. After like 3 phone calls they still couldn't figure out they were at the wrong house and then we receive this text from Elder Chapple "The awkward moment when you walk into a strangers house and yell Where the heck are you queers?" hahahah. Last night we taught Josh the Word of Wisdom and he is still on date to be baptized for March 26! We also found this part of an apartment complex where they're all Nigerian, we will be going back :) I love those people! I love you guys so much and miss you!

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