Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

This week Brother Lee Donaldson of the 70 visited our mission with Brother Sean Cates. They both work for the Missionary Department. They were hilarious. This was a comment made by Brother Donaldson "A lot of Protestant and Catholics think they won't be in family units after this life, or do they want to be, they are fine being in "Heaven" or in the presence of Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ for a time. He said That's pretty much what we call the Terrestrial Kingdom, and they'll probably get there thinking there in Heaven and be like I knew it! Those Mormons aren't here!" haha it was hilarious. He taught us a lot of new ways to teach people and while teaching us he said, rarely you should ever ask someone you just met, to say an opening prayer before you teach them, In M. Russell Ballard's Apostolic language he says "It is dumb" hahaha just because they won't be comfortable so we should always offer to say the prayer.

Also another funny part from the week, So we spend a lot of time with Elder Chapple and Elder Hauck, and they were tracting and ran into a Nigerian man who wanted them to come back, they gave him a card and on the back wrote "Hauck+Chapple" but the plus sign was slighty scribbled and messy and so he called them asking for Hauckychapple hahaha. I've also been trying to drink a lot of water and yesterday at church I drank a gallon, just at church, plus a bunch of bottles and glasses throughout the day. We went on exchanges with the Spanish missionaries again this week so I was with Elder Cepeda and he is so funny. We were on a doorstep and he was trying to explain what we do in English and after talking and then realizing he didn't know how to say it he said "Oh forget it" to this lady at the doorstep so I had to explain what we do.

Yesterday we taught Josh about Tithing! He is preparing to be baptized on March 26. He is coming a long way! He is married to a member and it will be a huge step in his life! We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings this week for dinner, not to watch basketball or anything ;) We had 3 investigators at church this week, Josh, Ose, and Sheila. Ose is someone I found tracting when I was on exchanges, she is from Nigeria! Sheila is still working on quitting smoking and is planning on being completely done on March 19 :) She really wants to be a member! I love you guys so much! - Elder Clark

We went on a "Mini Mission" with some Young men from the Zionsville Ward a couple weeks ago but I don't think I ever sent you the picture!
This was when I was exchanges with a Spanish Missionary and this is Brother Bello who used to have Kurt Hoyt over to his house all the time in New Jersey. He made us "UNLIMITED" mexican tacos :) Authentic ones

Me and Elder Cepeda

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