Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

Everything is going good in Indianapolis right now. I'm companions with Elder Peterson (whose grandparents live in Bountiful) but he's lived in Jerusalem, Beijing, Niger Africa + more. He's a good kid and we're enjoying our time together! I love it because he'll work out and go on runs with me, which not every companion will do :) We work out twice a day with the little time we have! We work out for 30 minutes at 6:30 am and at night go on runs. We make a couple stops at GNC as well ;) We actually go make friends with the people that work there and they ask about what we do as missionaries and what church we're from. I don't have any more room in my cubbard to buy more stuff from GNC though haha! On Monday we had a lot of fun. We played basketball and went on a run from the White River chapel to downtown Indy! Me Elder Cox, and Elder Allred ran to the City Center Mall. It's huge. It was a good P-day!

Tuesday morning we went to the Bishop's Storehouse and did service there filling food orders! We had a great day, we just started knocking doors in this apartment complex and found 3 new investigators, 1 came to church yesterday! Brother Donaldson from the Missionary Department/70 came and taught us a new way to teach which was completely inspired and changes the whole way lessons go. People we talk to love it and are a lot more interested. It's crazy how much it changed. That day we had an appointment with Daryl Robinson, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he loved it, towards the end of the lesson he started falling asleep so I was like "Alright, we'll say a prayer and end" but then we found out it's because he took his medicine that makes him fall asleep :) He came to church yesterday and said to me "God answers prayers, that's why you guys knocked on my door and I know this is where I need to be". He has went through a lot in his life. I sat with him during sacrament meeting and had a thought and feeling that he was someone I needed to find and teach and help come to church. I love that feeling. This week I got in contact with a member from Zimbabwe! I was on looking through the ward directory and found some names that looked like African names and I wanted to call them :) It's a good thing I did because he wants to start coming back to church! He was baptized in 2007, we had no idea who he was, and he hasn't been able to come to church! We are going to be working with him this week.

This week I gave a baptismal interview to a lady about 30 years old. Her mom is Catholic and on Wednesday the missionaries went over to prepare her for the baptism that was to happen on Saturday and she told them "You know what, I don't want to get baptized, the Catholic Church is for me" they then found out that because there was no church on Sunday because of General Conference, she went to Catholic mass with her mom and the Priest there told her not to be baptized in this church + a lot more. She asked the missionaries all these questions, they answered them and she felt again that she needed to get baptized into this church :) She was baptized on Saturday! We got to attend and be the witnesses for the baptism. She has no legs, but still took the leap of faith and was baptized. It was a special experience and a lot of missionaries were there to support her! On Saturday we got to help out with a Mission Readiness Conference for the youth in the Indianapolis West Stake. We went to the Brownsburg building and we helped prepare the youth to go on a mission. We answered questions, shared our testimony, shared with them the importance of Preach my Gospel and helped them teach a lesson.

Sunday was a very good day! We had a lot of investigators at church! Actually 1 woke up late, we texted her and got her to come to the next sacrament meeting for the Zionsville Ward, where me and Elder Hauck sat by her :) We had our Ward Mission Leader meeting and then Christina and Josh had us over and made some authentic mexican food :) We then went straight to a meeting with President Carlson (Mission President) President Anderson (Stake President) and a High Councilman and the Sister missionaries who are at the YSA. We talked about the people in the Stake that are on baptismal date and being taught by missionaries and how we can help them. They're always very good meetings and I love President Carlson, and President Anderson. We then went to a members house and blessed/dedicated her home, since she just moved in there :) It was a busy week! Elder Peterson says this is the busiest he's ever been. I love you guys and miss you! - Elder Clark
Indianapolis Indiana Mission

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