Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

I'm going to start my e-mail by telling you guys about one of the funniest things that's happened. So Elder Peterson, Elder Hauck, and Elder Chapple and I are in the car, and about 3 cars behind us a car gets hit and there is a car accident. we heard the whole thing because it was pretty loud. I parked the car and we got out to see if everyone was okay (Elder Chapple had a first aid kit) in his backpack. Me and Elder Hauck stayed back so their weren't too many people going up there, but Elder Chapple and Elder Peterson went. They get up there and a police officer got their at about the same time. Everyone was okay and Elder Chapple and Elder Peterson start walking back. Elder Chapple says "If that police officer wasn't there I would have pulled rank and told them I'm a sergeant in the Marine core and everyone needs to calm down and tell me what's going on and I'll them what to do, I have my photo ID on me" hahaha you gotta know Elder Chapple to know exactly how funny this was. He also texted President Carlson and said "You hear that, church sleep is the Healthiest of all sleeps" after President Uchtdorf said it at Conference. President Carlson responded with "That's how I know you're one of the healthiest missionaries". Elder Chapple is one of a kind. I loved Conference, and got a lot out of it. I like what was said "The Lord promises to direct our paths, but first we have to walk". I also really liked President Eyring's talk to open the Saturday morning session of Conference. He taught the Plan of Salvation so well. They are all so inspired. It was a lot of fun to go out and do missionary work in between sessions of Conference. We found a lady as we were knocking on doors and after giving her a #PrinceofPeace card for the new Easter initiative, she told us she is Lds. She just moved here and is not on our records. I think we were led to her. She was sick and not able to talk to us for more then a minute, but we are going to go back soon. We'll start now from the top of the week!

Monday - Monday we played basketball all day, and it was my last full day with Elder Abhau as a companion! It was a busy day, we said Goodbyes to everyone and he finished up his packing. We said goodbye to the Bokish family and they gave him the traditional homemade Cinnamon rolls, they all tried to get me to eat one, but it did not work :) The Fergusons gave him a shirt straight from Liberia! They are converts to the church and live close to us in our apartment complex. Sam has been a member for 2 years and has lived in America for 3 years and his wife Edwina has been a member for just a couple months. We also visited Sheila, and she is still trying to overcome smoking, she has smoked for 40 years.
Tuesday - Tuesday was transfer day, and quite an adventure. On the way home from Fishers I got ourselves slightly lost and so we took a nice detour through downtown Indianapolis. I later realized why, and it was because on the way home I had people come to mind, and I felt I needed to visit them. They are in the old Eagle Creek area I was in, after visiting them, I told Elder Chapple and Elder Hauck they need to stop by and talk to them. After going by they found out they really need this message in their life right now. They would not have came to my mind, if I wouldn't have took the wrong way. Sometimes God's plan A is our plan B :) I did not even take Elder Peterson back to the apartment to unpack, we just did missionary work all day haha until 8 pm when we went back to the apartment to get settled in.
Wednesday - On Wednesday we got to finally go teach the whole Plan of Salvation to Ose. She came to church and got confused in Gospel Principles because the lesson was on Resurrection, and she didn't understand anything before or after that so we went and cleared things up. We knocked doors and tried to talk to as many people as possible and pushed the Easter Initiative and invited everyone to watch it on It's actually one of my favorite videos ever. I like the music! 
Thursday - Thursday we went to the Sports complex and did service there for a couple hours! It was a good time. We cleaned up their baseball fields and got to drive golf carts as we did it. After we finished that, I took Elder Peterson to Wal-mart because we had not yet went to the grocery store this week. We then got haircuts from Brother Cheek! He always does a very good job and never charges us. In the evening we had a meeting we went to, and we were the only missionaries there with the Bishops, Stake Presidency, and Ward mission leaders of the Stake, and they discussed the Rescue effort for less active single priesthood holders.
Friday - Friday we drove to Plainfield which is about 30 minutes away and conducted 2 baptismal interviews for a dad and daughter. They were baptized the following day. In the evening we got a text and a member needed help moving so we pretty much had to drop everything we were doing and go help with a move.
Saturday - Saturday morning we helped another member move, then quickly went home and changed and went to the Merrill's to watch Conference. We watched the afternoon session at the Dresen's and they had a crepe bar which was very good :) In the evening we went and watched Priesthood session at the Brownsburg building. 
Sunday - Sunday morning we went by a referral we received and it turned out to be great! We talked to him for about 15 minutes until we had to leave to watch Conference. He said at the end "You guys better come back". We then headed to the Ford's to watch Conference! DeShawn came to the Ford's which was very good. He is an investigator me and Elder Chapple found when we were together. We knocked doors and found some people for the 2 hours in between sessions. We watched the next session again at the Merrill's. In the evening I took Elder Hauck to some people that I taught and talked to a lot in their area, to show him where they lived. It was a lot of fun :)
I love you guys very much and miss you a lot!

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