Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

So this week I got the Flu so I was down for a day. It mostly consisted of Sore throat, chills, Fever, it was not fun! All the missionaries make fun of me for how much I wash my hands, and I still get the flu with how healthy I eat! Oh well it only lasted for about a day or two and then I got a lot better. I'm feeling good now. This week we went to the Midwest Sports Complex and did service. A lot of people there drink beer, so much beer, and so they through all their cans in the trash cans there and they sit for months and months and we had to clean them out and it smelt so bad! It was so nasty. It smells worse then just normal beer and the people through full cans away. It spilt all over Elder Quick and he was gagging about to throw up haha.

This week at District meeting Elder Abhau stabbed his hand and had to get stitches. Elder Chapple brought 1 of his huge knives to district meeting for an activity, so Elder Abhau stabbed a cardboard box, his hand was holding the other side and it went through and pierced his hand pretty good. So we ran him to the urgent care and he got 3 stitches. This week we went over to an investigators house, he invited us inside and it smelled like Marijuana really strong. We sat down and started talking to him and he told us about how he wants to quit smoking. We talked about the Book of Mormon and read out of it with him. He accepted it and wants to start reading it!

This week we had a lesson with Sheila, we've been showing her talks from Apostles like Jeffrey R Holland, David A Bednar and Henry B Eyring. She loves listening to them. This week we showed her the Mormon message "Mountains to Climb" because she is now overcoming smoking. We also have talked to her about what David A Bednar talked about when he said "Do we simply just know who the Savior is, or are we continually coming to know of him and are we getting closer to him?"

Also, pretty soon this mission will be getting Samsung tablets and maybe even phones. They want us to have nice technology to help with the work. They want us to be able to skype members into lessons, or make group chats with members and investigators on Facebook messenger, 1 thing it would help with is say maybe an investigator gets anti and wonders about Polygamy, they go to the group chat and ask "Hey I have a question about this, they ask a friend or 2 that are members, the members answer it and everything is better". So missionary work will change a bit. Elder Donaldson said they (The missionary department) and the Quorom of the 12 want us to have technology now, they're just getting everything set up so it will work out good. They said We have to have technology just because the need for missionary work is increasing and there are too many people that are always on phones and media that we have to try and go that route. I love you guys and miss you!

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