Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017

So here's the news, I will be staying in Eagle Creek (Indianapolis) and my new companion will be Elder Peterson! Elder Abhau is headed to the Crossroads Ward (East Side Indianapolis) for his last 2 months. Elder Peterson is a brand new Zone Leader so I guess I'm training him for that, I don't know if I know what I'm doing though? Haha just kidding. This week was a great week. On Monday we brought a bunch of weights and work out stuff to the White River Chapel and my P-day consisted of working out, playing basketball and going on a run through Downtown Indianapolis. I love this area. On Tuesday we went to the Bishop's Storehouse and did service, it's always a good time and we get a lot done! Later in the day on Tuesday we were trying to figure out something effective and good to do, instead of just knocking on doors, so I thought, "Let's go to the hospitals in our area and sign up for clergy" There is 1 hospital in our area and it's a Catholic Hospital so we searched the hospital for a spot to sign up, and usually they're in the chapel so we went there and found out it's where they hold Catholic Mass, I thought about leaving a Book of Mormon in there but I decided not to haha. On Wednesday we did a lot of planning in the morning, and we dropped off some Cheerwine and Cake to Bishop Stephens at his courthouse! He loved it. Haha I like Bishop Stephens a lot. 

We then had a request from a Less Active member that he needed the presence of all 4 missionaries at his apartment this week. Elder Chapple brought a sword, so that always makes things fun. This less active member is the go to man when you want a fun experience. He went on to tell us "3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead" and then proceeded to tell us a secret. Later in the evening we had dinner with Sheila and then drove way out to Danville which is a small town in our Zone and I gave a baptismal interview to a lady that the Avon 1 Elders are teaching. The best part of the week was going to play some "beat to teach" basketball at this apartment complex with about 30 people. I'm going to copy and paste the way my companion Elder Abhau described it, so here it is

.since it was a really nice day, we decided to go to the park and try some beat-to-teach basketball.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing pretty strong (I know, excuses), so we had some trouble knocking in our 3-pointers.  We didn't beat anybody, so we didn't teach anybody. We did, however get enough second-hand pakalolo (Hawaiian for a well-known (and, around here, popular) illicit substance) fumes to bring me to the point of nausea.  And so we decided that that was enough basketball. They also thought we were Jehovah Witness and said the reason we were beating them was because we had God, I assured them that we are not Jehovah Witnesses haha. 

We then headed to the other Eagle Creek Elders apartment and picked up dinner from a member and went back to our apartment so Elder Abhau could start packing! While he packed I worked out and ran sprints outside (We opened up the windows so he could see me) so we were still following all the rules! Saturday morning, us and some of the Elders Quorum helped our investigator Sheila move boxes from her storage unit to her house, which went well, but then after that we went to go help another member move and it turned out me and Elder Abhau were the only ones to show up, he did not have a truck and nothing was in boxes so we helped him for about 4 hours getting the necessities to his new place but then had to get going for our dinner appointment! Sunday we had a really good day at church, and Elder Abhau said his goodbyes! That's the week! I'm very excited for it to start getting warmer, everyone will start coming outside and we'll be able to play basketball with them! I love you guys and miss you very much!

Aloha time for Brother Enos, he's going back to Hawaii!

Yesterday with the Pusters!

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